The Right Side of 50

While watching the Today Show on Saturday morning, I watched a segment called, BoomerNation. My first thought: this is a clever title. My second thought: I am a part of the BoomerNation… I should watch. All of my life I have read that my birthday falls within the baby boomer boundary. Talk about feeling a part of the crowd! I am in the “tail end” of the boom, but tail I’ll take. I am a proud member of the largest batch of babies to hit the US at the beginning of big changes. Other generations have been given names, such as Generation X, and Generation Y, and Generation Z. Yawn. I feel those generations haven’t quite coagulated enough for a real name to stick and for journalists to use cleverly. Boomers are responsible for the X’ers. Remember the 80’s? Yeah, not too bad of a follow-up…

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