Now I’m Cooking!

I have some pictures of a few dishes I made this last week. My favorite ‘go-to’ recipe is black beans and rice:

Drain and rinse two cans of black beans (you CAN cook your own!)

Place in a pot with some splashes of vegetable stock.

Add: onions, red bell peppers, tomatoes, corn, braggs amino

Cook for a while then add some fresh spinach. Put some freshly made brown rice in the pot and stir! You can serve it on a tortilla, on top of half of a sweet potato then topped with mango! The latter is so yummy! Here is a picture of it served as a chalupa, topped with avocado and some salsa.
















I also made a wonderful enchilada casserole. The recipe is in Engine 2. Basically, it is a layers of corn tortillas, mushrooms and spinach, then tater tots smothered in green sauce. It is so yummy!
















These are lemon pancakes, also taken from Engine 2. They are made with corn meal, wheat flour and use the zest and juice of two lemons. Use some real maple syrup on these and enjoy!


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