I am Vegan Day 26

In order to break a habit we need to exercise a replacement of said habit for two weeks. My habit was fat, sugar and coffee. Sometimes all at once.

It has been almost 4 weeks and I have kicked some major habit butt! I LOVED coffee in the morning, often saying that coffee was not just a drink, it was a lifestyle. When I taught, I broke one rule and that was by drinking my thermos of coffee everyday while in class, and yes, in front of my students. Upon reaching the bottom of my thermos I would always say, “No more coffee. This will be the saddest moment of my day.” I was joking… sort of! I still drink some caffeine in the form of Advocare Spark. sans creamer and added fake sugars the switch has been easy and I feel pretty good. Withdrawal headaches lasted as long as I allowed. This lady NEVER lets a headache run it’s course. Why, when there is aspirin or Tylenol, or Advil? I often wonder why some people would rather hurt than take an Advil. It is often because Chas is one of THEM. I sometimes wrap an Advil in cheese and serve it grilled.

Coffee habit…checked in and still working on it. I did buy coconut mile creamer. It is okay, but I really, really like the thick French Vanilla Coffeemate creamer. Caffeine wasn’t the only hug I received in my daily thermos. Fat and sugar joined right in.

Letting go of coffee has been hard. I love the smell. I love the way my mug is warm and the steam from the coffee warms my hands and face and heart! Yep, I will miss my morning java.

One of my dreams was to own a coffee shop. I even had a name: Joe’s Daughter. Catchy! There is a good story behind that name, but I will save it for later. The point is, how can I peddle coffee, milk and Panini’s draped with eggs NOW? It is the same thing that happened when I read Natural Cures and swore I would EVER work for a pharmaceutical company even thought they pay well and I could have been great at it…if a company would have actually hired me at that time. I think I was 44 or 45 years old. Wait, who am I kidding? I was way too old for that gig. However, I stand against the ideology at work within the drug industry, insurance and medicine. I have often wondered who wants us so sick? Who is that guy? I speculate there are about 5 or 6 men who rule the world and they probably would agree with me on my new choice in diet for themselves, but NOT for the masses. These guys probably drive electric cars with the old battery used in last decade, eat organic and steer clear of tobacco.

Tomorrow is cooking day. I am making lentil meatloaf, vegetables, enchilada casserole, pudding and whatever else that freezes well.

Stay tuned for pictures and recipes!


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