Vegan: Day 21

twenty-one days ago I had my last meal with fat, animal protein and milk products. The staples that had sustained me my entire life. It was a halibut dish made by Carinos and I went home that night and became very ill. I was miserable. “I know that food effects my body and emotions!” I cried. “I am so done with being sick after I eat!” I laid in bed and promised myself that change had to happen fast. I had just received the DVD and book, Forks Over Knives, as suggested by Dr. Auston Meyers, my fiance’s daughter’s young gentleman. I woke up with my fat hang-over and went straight to the TV and played the disc. I have since explained the clarity of the message and how I KNEW it was my answer to how I felt when I first learned of Jesus Christ at 21 years of age. It was an epiphany, a revelation, a breakthrough. I remember driving my friends and family nuts talking about Jesus, not I am driving them nuts talking about nuts. Which by the way, cashews come from the poison ivy family and that is why we never see them in their shells.


Do I miss meat? Dairy? Butter? Chocolate chip cookies?

So far, no. I just finished a meal with black beans and rice mixed with wonderful vegetables and mashed cauliflower covered in a creamy leek sauce. I had few calories and I am STUFFED! For me, the key to being vegan is to cook my food or prepare it in advance. A few years ago I tried to cut out animal proteins, but my ah-ha had not happened and all I did was consume a lot of bread. Fifteen pounds later I was on Jenny Craig…AGAIN!

Yesterday I baked a sweet potato pie and made mashed cauliflower, baked brussel sprouts and asparagus. I still have some lentil meatloaf in the freezer. I have two more days left of meals before I pick my next dishes from my new cookbooks. I have gravitated more to the Forks Over Knives recipes and Rip Esselstyn’s recipes in his book, Engine 2. These dished are all made without added oils. The only fats I have had are nuts (which are loaded with fat so I figure I will not sit with a can and munch away!) and avocado as well as a few others found naturally. My vice has been the one processed food I have allowed in the house- rice cakes, oh, and red wine.

The sweet potato pie is made with tofu and of course sweet potatoes. It has a more fluffy consistency than the traditional pie, but the taste is amazing. The whole pie has 3/4 cups of raw sugar. I ate a pretty big piece last night and felt a little ill. I had not had sugar for a while. The leek sauce is heaven. I love this stuff! I can see using it like a hollandaise. It has the zest of one lemon in it. I sautéed leeks in water and added tofu, the lemon zest, salt and pepper, toasted pine nuts and nutritional yeast. Blender on high, then YUM! It should never be boiled.

Brussel sprouts and asparagus cook perfectly  in the oven at 350 degrees with some salt and pepper.

Last week I made Pad Thai…super good and it was comfort food for me as well.

I can attest I have not gone to bed feeling ill in the last 21 days. I have started each day feeling good inside; physically, mentally and spiritually.



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