Something Has Taken Over!

My friend Mike asked me if Satan could replicate a three dollar bill. Since I was confused and didn’t answer, he told me that Satan copies and doesn’t create, that is God’s job. I liked that idea. That is why  prophets are copied by the psychics. And so I signed up for a “Word” from Jeremy Lopez. I recommend Jeremy. I asked him to pray for me, he did and he sent me a message. It was spot on. He told me a lot of things but one of the main ideas through MY message was I have allowed my feelings, which I so often wear on my sleeve, to ruin my chances at being all I know I can be. God said he was going to give me a breakthrough in many areas, one being diet.

When I heard “diet” I knew Jeremy had a direct line. I always ask God for help in that area because I don’t do such a great job on my own. I am one of those people who eats to live and because of that I am killing myself. I know it. After a meal a few weeks ago at a restaurant known for its bread basket I became super sick and suffered the entire night with indigestion and depression. I asked myself how I could continue to do this over and over. Why is it that I can eat relatively healthy then blow it just because it is New Years or someone’s birthday and a cake was left in the break room?

Story of my adult life. As a child I don’t think I ever once questioned a food choice. It was provided and I ate it. The first time I remember dieting I was a Sophomore in high school. I ate grapefruit and cereal and lost a ton of weight. Then, when I went to gnaw on a piece of steak, my teeth hurt. I was scared right back into eating….whatever again.

God told me He is the God of breakthroughs. I have certainly prayed for that, and here was Jeremy telling me that it was available to me. So, I have waited. I went to Fitness Ridge, bought their cookbooks and ate their food for a total of six weeks. I came home ready to eat like I did at the Ridge then failed. That was not my breakthrough. So, I waited.

During my “wait” times I always seek and read and pray. During my “wait” times I also eat pretty badly. But that last meal where I suffered physically and emotionally seemed to be the beginning of the end.

Two years ago I was turned on to a book called The China Study but only recently bought it. Hard read. I got through chapter four and stalled. It is about nutrition and the doctors who wrote it, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Campbell, do the job needed to expose what foods are good for us, why we eat the foods we do in this country, and the effect that diet is having on humanity. Dr. Colin Campbell grew up on a farm and devoted much time to helping starving children. His initial surprise was that the poor children who ate plant-based proteins provided by relief efforts did not get cancer, but their wealthier cohorts did. His life is forever changed in direction from that point. To make it more interesting is that Dr. C. Campbell was one of the lead scientist who worked for our government and was the lead scientist on nutritional studies. Our politicians didn’t like what he found. Very, very simply put, animal protein, and in the India study, milk protein, actually turns on cancer.

Since I couldn’t get past chapter four, I told my soon-to-be stepdaughter’s boyfriend, a resident physician in Los Angeles, that the research in the book was just not a page-turner for me. He said, without hesitation, “Forks Over Knives“. I said “What?” He said, “Forks Over Knives,” there is a book and a DVD. It will help you understand The China Study.

I bought the set through a book club and there on that DVD was my breakthrough.

The book is edited by Gene Stone and has information in it from Dr. C. Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  These men have been in the know for years, have a ton of research and proof of what they know and it is shocking. Dr. Esselstyn has worked on a longitudinal study which shows the complete reversal of cardio vascular disease, and learned our vessels can heal like our liver does. He treated one woman whose breast cancer had metastasized all over her body, and she is now in her late 70’s, cancer free and runs marathons. My kind of gal!

Recently we have learned that the government has bought all the pink slime and sent it to schools throughout our country. We know that how we harvest meat is having a negative impact on our crops and the environment, not to mention the horrible conditions our animals are made to “live” in for the sake of providing protein for our diet.

Our government subsidizes products that are killing us at alarming rates. And they know it. It is ironic, according to the research, that researchers are looking for cures for heart disease and cancer at the same time our government is subsidizing those very diseases.

I have never smoked because it kills, yet tobacco is legal and its best friends are in Washington. So it goes now with food. I am angry, but relieved that there is an answer for me.

I am now eating a vegan diet. I will not ever go back to eating meat, dairy or fish as long as I live, which according to the research will be a long time forgoing other circumstances.

After this breakthrough I went and bought informational cookbooks for beginning vegans, as well as consuming the whole Forks Over Knives recipe section. I went shopping and it was not daunting, it was fun. Breakfast is easy for me, I have been eating steel-cut oats cooked over night in a crock pot or organic cereal, both served with almond milk. Throw in an apple or an orange for the morning and I am good.

I knew that I would HAVE to have food made to eat properly. A plant-based diet seems so foreign to me, and I did try once before but ended up eating a bunch of bread because, well, I just had not had my breakthrough yet. I made a lentil meatloaf and it was great. I served it with mashed cauliflower and roasted brussel sprouts. Next, vegetable lasagna, followed by polenta pizza. I am drawn to comfort foods and for now that is okay. Today, for lunch a I made a Panini with freshly made hummus made without any oils, zucchini, tomato, avocado and onion. So satisfying, and so healthy!

So far I have avoided oils. I know that I may have to use some but the bottles of oils we have in the house will not see their way through my veins.

This is such an “ah ha” moment it is sort of overwhelming to me at times. I have not felt happier about my diet ever, and I have not felt so clean and clear-headed like this before. I highly recommend the book and DVD Forks Over Knives. Watch and read those if this blog bothers you in any way. Maybe it will be your breakthrough, or not, but the search is important!


One thought on “Something Has Taken Over!

  1. I loved reading your blog today! I read “The China Study” a couple of years ago and it truly is a life changer. I’ve been vegetarian most of my life. Just don’t like to chew meat. (mom called it lazy…maybe I was/am..) but now it seems that I am not on a bad path. I still haven’t switched over to Vegan, which is the next step. Hopefully I will join you in your Vegan path soon.

    Raising my water glass to you my friend! Nice read, once again.

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