Finding a Place to Call Home

In our quest to find a place to call home, we had to find a house. I am not into apartments, trailers or caves. We had six weeks to move to our new location, three hours and one right turn from the old location. If you read my previous blog about Steve Cruz you will learn that we were not allowed see the one house we were really interested in…a fixer upper owned by Freddie Mac. When we decided to put an offer in even though he did not let us see the house, there was another offer already in and funny thing is it happened the day the price dropped almost 50 thousand dollars. We liked the three acres the house was nestled on. I never dreamed a real estate broker would break the rules..we never had a chance.

Next on our list was The River House. We named it The River House because it was on the river! The land was manicured and landscaped and beautiful. I liked everything about the house except that is was too near the highway and it came with too high of a price tag. The house needed renovation, but we thought we could suffer with the paneling and outdated kitchen, bathrooms and floors for a while. The view was nice, more than nice, but the sounds of cars did take away some of the ambiance. After we bought the lot on the golf course, where we are building now, I asked Charlie to make an offer on The River House…what we could afford. It was too late.

I do believe life unfolds as it should.

Our Mighty Oak

So we went with number three on our list of three. Buy a lot and build. We chose the least expensive lot with a mature oak adorning the left end. It is a nice lot, but it was cheaper because the driving range is within range. I may have to garden with a helmet on! People who use this driving range are very strong and very bad. We have way too many golf balls flying onto our lot. We are planning a tree hedge already.

I bought the lot on December 27th. I bought the mortgage on Ground Hog Day. We started the foundation as soon as we could. I like the look – activity means I am a few days closer to putting clean sheets on the bed and sleeping under my own roof.

Foundation under Texas blue sky

It has begun, and Charlie, my builder is amazing. He has everything in order. I have agreed to certain lighting fixtures, colors and rock. I had a small incident with the electric company which he fixed and kept me from spending 1500 dollars. Maybe I should take him with me to the mall when I go…he is very good with the haggle.

The house plans were an easy pick. We knew how big the house had to be to stay in budget, and Charlie knows the guy who draws the plans. We chose one of his stock plans- it is nice, but this was no dream home pick. My dream home is a very large craftsman with wood. Lots and lots of wood.
So, in building this house, maybe I have stayed calm is due to the fact that it is not my DREAM house…but having a new home go up in my name is something I have only dreamed of- it is nice to see it happening in this dimension. Every dream I have that speaks to me and means SOMETHING always has a house in it as a main feature. Maybe this house has a main feature- something that  lies within the walls to be built which I cannot see yet.
Maybe it is Home.

One thought on “Finding a Place to Call Home

  1. Hi,
    I forgot that you can relly start building in your neck of the woods. Around here, bo foundations or basements are possible due to the cold…..How long will it take/ Can you post pcitures of the process? Any chance of posting the plans? I am in real estate so I am really interested in the process, especially in an area that I am not so familiar with
    Good night!

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