I Want to Build a House

Congratulations to me. I am going to build a house. On a golf course. In Castroville.

Really, Charlie is in charge of the building, and I am hoping it is more than a house, I am looking forward to helping create a home, but for the first time in my history (a fancy term for ‘life’) I get a brand new home. A place where my spirit will be the first. I wonder if it is going to be like owning a new car- you know, when you ding it or scratch is or drop a Route 44 Diet Coke in it…it causes anxiety and sadness that the once new car is now soiled and used. Will I freak out if my paint gets a mark on it? I don’t think so, I think I am going to be too happy with the newness all around me.

We bought a house on the golf course in Castroville. It is very nice and very quiet. I think it only gets rowdy on nights Charlie’s brother (who lives there as well) has a party. He likes to have mariachis at his parties, and beer. Mix in some interesting people and like Mentos in Coke… POW! A party! When I moved to Castroville 14 years ago, I bought insurance from Hazel Russell who told me she was developing the golf course. It was wonderful to visit her the other day to update my car insurance and let her know I was moving out there; something I had never thought could happen. My house on May street was old, I do have an affinity for old houses but through this last house I learned that unless you have a carpenter in your bed, or at least on speed dial, it is a burden.

Electrical stuff, plumbing stuff, shifting and settling, cracks in the walls and the ceiling falling in. I had grass like stuff in the ceiling when I first bought the house…in the CEILING!! When I renovated the house on May Street I got a call from my builder/carpenter/friend John. He said, “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?” I told him to hit me with the bad news, then quickly follow-up with the good news so the bad news would not have too much time to resonate and cause my blood pressure to rise.

“Your ceiling is falling in. But! I can fix it!”

Whew! I loved the result. No more grass in the ceiling, or at least, none I could see anymore.

When my father came for a visit before he died he walked into every room of the house. I watched him- he was surveying the house. His conclusion? He said this: “Kim, can’t you raze the house and start over?”

Thanks Dad, but no. And John my carpenter/builder/friend did a great job with my house on May street, giving her a nice facelift. She looked awesome, but she was old and though I loved her, I wanted out of the relationship. Her kitchen, though functional, was just too small. The bathroom- she only had one, located in the middle of the house, like the picture of glass potty I see circulating on the internet…who can be comfortable in the bathroom when you are only two feet from the living room? And the Kitchen? And the bedrooms? And the mailbox?

I have a new respect for owning a new home. I get to pick everything as it will be custom built. I got to choose the plans, the rock, the colors.

So, why do couples get so stressed out over the process of building a home? I recently read that a very large percentage of couples who build a home hate each other by the time they get to unpack the first box. Some even divorce. I wonder how we will do…Charlie has built homes for over 30 years. Arguing with him in any way may be like arguing with the naked guy who sits on top of the mountain and waits for seekers to ask a question. Who am I to question the master?

I will question him I am sure. The cool thing is he has seen the process many many times and since he gets to unpack a box or two in the end I am sure the house we build will be awesome. I will be blogging about the journey starting with the lot search, the plan search and the first steps in building a home.

Next time- I am tired as I spent the evening looking up at lighting. I saw the light…and it was too expensive!


4 thoughts on “I Want to Build a House

  1. Have fun,
    I am in my house fo 20 years and basically living in a construction zone ever since (always upgrading and improving)
    It will be different for Charlie, I am sure. I think there is a difference between building a house and building a home.
    My husband gutted the ensuite while I was in Utah and it is still not finshed…..95 % done bit the tile saw is outside but it is to frigging cold to work outside….Looking foward to some pictures

  2. Very exciting! It’s a dream of ours as well to build a home and be the first ones in it…it just scares me too much to do now b/c everyone says that you usually blow your budget pretty quickly! I am sure your love is solid but it happens that my parents are about to finalize their divorce after having built a home in Mexico–talk about stress. No worries, though, because I think their shattered marriage was a long time coming and perhaps the house just was the nail in the coffin.

  3. All the best to both of you with the new house. I must say, I hope I never have a discussion with Charlie with either one of us naked on top of a hill.

  4. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read all about it. Always remember, anything can be later fixed…or changed. No decision is life or death. Above all, enjoy the process.

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