Mattresses and Christmas Trees

Twice in two days I have had to swerve my moving vehicle so I would not run into a dead, discarded tannenbaum. The once adorned tree I almost hit tonight was in the middle of a very busy four lane road. I did not see the tree until I was almost on top of it. I did not have time to react- I hit the tree right where an angel, not so long ago, sat. The first incident took place the night before last on my way home from work. It was late, the sun was setting and a car flashed its lights as it went by. I thought it was flashing me to warn me a police car was waiting in ambush, but once I turned the corner I quickly realized it was meant to warn me of a very large Christmas tree.

Why do people go to all the trouble of loading up their very dry, prickly tree, only to dump it in the middle of the road where innocent people will hit it head on causing accidents which just may result in someone being hurt or killed? Why? Why not drive it farther, to a dump or how about this…if they feel so very strongly about dumping the tree, why not (just asking) drop the darned thing on the side of the road, maybe in a field where it could decay naturally and provide a welcome habitat for all kinds of organisms?

Are the same people who are dumping their trees in the middle of the road the ones who do not put their shopping carts in the return area? Why do these people walk miles in the shopping center suddenly find it so difficult to walk twenty more feet?

Lazy asses. All of them.

I can hear the conversation, “Hey, our mattress is all worn out and full of dust mites. Let’s get a new one!” Partner in stupidity says, “Great! A new mattress sounds wonderful. I guess we should load up the old one and take it to the nearest highway before rush hour.”

Lazy asses.

Stupid asses.

Just saying.

If anyone in my family ever gets hurt because they hit a mattress or a Christmas tree, this lady just may go ballistic! I think we should all be on highway watch and if any of us who are categorized as sane see this insane behavior, we should be able to laser their lazy asses.

Please forgive my potty language tonight. Seeing a Christmas tree in the middle of the road, well, it just bugs me! Any one ever see the crime in progress?




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