Happy New Year!

I wrote a blog at the beginning of the holiday season on how NOT to gain weight during those special times of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I quoted my dad who would tell me that my first exercise was to ‘push away the plate’.

I did great at Thanksgiving. I even worked out the day of Thanksgiving. I logged my calories and watched my intake.

Then December first hit like the snow in the east. People started bringing food to work…stuff I love! Stuff made from SUGAR! Chocolate! Cakes! Pies! Cookies! Did I mention chocolate? I panicked a few times after a day of indulging. I had middle of the night anxiety attacks! I am now to the point where the damage is done. I gained weight during the holidays. I pushed away the plate, then I pulled it right back toward me!

Next year I get to try again. I hope I do better. What is it about sugar than opens the flood gates o’ overeating? This season, what really got me in the chute was walnut bread. Something my mom made every Christmas and my daughter made this Christmas, which really got me interested in baking a batch up as well. Yep,I can eat a few slices of walnut bread in 8 seconds. One hand on the loaf the other a fork. Eating and bullriding? Really? I must be in a sugar induced unlogical state of mind.

So, what is the plan? I received a website from a wonderful young doctor who has recently turned to a vegan diet and lifestyle. The website is: http://www.21daykickstart.com. The coolest thing about the program is real life pre-recorded celebrities will call and encourage those who sign up during the 21 days. Enough to make me go for it!

BUT…(or BUTT!) I just moved into Charlie’s mother and father’s home due to my new job, which I start on Monday. We took a back bedroom, put in one of our dressers, plopped in a desk, hung up some clothes and here we are. The new TV will  be hung this week and the Bravo Network will be ordered Monday. I cannot go without watching exceptionally crazy rich women- I am hooked on the Real Housewives of  Beverley Hills!

Humm…a new job, a new place to live (for now), a new town, new and old friends. I am stressed, which is desserts backwards as most of us know! I should just put a feed-bag of sugar under my chin.

I did sidn up at the local gym in Castroville: Ironhaus. I love the German spelling. I am also going to try and have some personal training sessions if they aren’t too too expensive.

But, will I kickstart? I could get a phone call from Marilu Henner, Alicia Silverstone or Mobey! Mobey would be cool!

A new diet, in a new home which belongs to someone else? I don’t know…I just may have to call Jenny again. She has been there for me before!

Oh, did I mention we are building a new home? I bought a lot on the Castroville golf course and we are very close to pouring the foundation. Some people find just doing that is a major stressor!

Recount on strssors: 1. New job. 2. New town. 3. New place to live. 4. It is in my partner’s parents house. 5. Building a new home. 6. I feel my butt growing every second of the day. 7. I am trying to NOT go for another piece of homemade jalapeno peanut brittle. 8. Did I mention new JOB??

I am a prime target for a heart attack…. or a big butt.

I got a big butt.


So it is war.

Starting Monday.



One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. You know you can do this….. How “bad” is the damage you have done? Mine is 10 counting fro my lowest last summer (Sept 9th was my best day – just looked it up). I’ll be back there and hopefully a little lower by the time we meet again. Good luck with all your endevours.

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