Face to Face

Have you ever taken a picture of a hair cut to a stylist, point at it and say “I want to look like that” ? Was it the haircut or the movie star or model you really wanted to look like? I am guilty of wanting Farrah Fawcett’s haircut in the 70’s. I wanted the hair, but truth be told..I wanted to be HER! Of course I was no where close…other than my great teeth, we shared nothing in appearance.

I did not make my mind up to get my face fillers until I walked into the office last Monday morning. Even when I was in the office, I was still open to leaving. I did not like my nurse. Here I was, starting a new adventure (in my mind anyway) and I wanted to share my joy, my thinking, my sense of humor. I wanted an experience. She was not giving me any kindness, no eye contact, no smiles. Yes, I was close to walking out and blaming my nurse, who was just a bad tour guide! Thank goodness my doctor was gregarious, interested (or at least pretended to be) and unafraid of what was ahead for my head!

I did this because I was looking old. After reading for the last ten years about the remedies for sagging faces, I was happy with this new generation of fillers and results. I booked my day with trepidation because I had never done it before and did not have any friends who had done this before. I was walking in without ghosts of girlfriends experiences past. One of my friends had Botox- she loved it even though she had a small reaction. She became tired and was couch bound for a day. She went back for seconds so the day on the couch did not deter her.

The Botox is not an instant frown freezer. It takes 12 days (or more) before it is 100 percent, then, I guess, it dissipates slowly. I like the way it feels. It slowly smoothed my frown line. I want more now, maybe around my eyes…who knows!

I still have a small amount of swelling around my mouth. However, I like what I see. My lips are lined, a little bigger than I imagined they would be, but not big as in someone can tell I had injections in them. My nasal folds are looking good- unfortunately I have some major wrinkles, now pushed out instead of lining my face like a dry water creek.

I will post pictures after three weeks. In the meantime, if you were thinking about a little filler, some Botox and possibly a new haircut…go for it. Take in an old picture of yourself, and say, “I want to look like that!”

One Day After

Nine Days Later


One thought on “Face to Face

  1. You looked beautiful before the fillers. I have thought about it several times but have yet to go through with it. It would be just my luck, I would be the one you see on the news, who’s face is completely jacked up due to this precedure. So, I think I will let nature take it’s course. I have decent skin but I do have a little sagging. That bothers me more than wrinkles. Anyway, I think you look great no matter what you gave had done. You have more courage than I do.

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