Keller Williams Dropped the Ball- for FreddieMac?

I am going to tell you a story about a house – a house owned by the bank and under “Freddie Mac.”  This house had a sign in the front yard that said “For Sale”. Under the sign was another sign- it had the listing agent’s name and number. Steve Cruz with Keller Williams. I called the number on a Friday, the next Saturday and almost every day after for three weeks.

I had an agent working for me as well, also making calls.

For three weeks I tried to view a home – and for three weeks I was ignored. So, I called my agent and said, put in an offer, note I was denied a showing.

After being on the market for over 16 months, that house was suddenly under contract…AFTER the bank dropped the price by 54 thousand dollars. In fact, it happened the same day I decided to put an offer on the house.

I called to ask Steve if the government knew how crummy of an agent he was, but he never returned that call either.

I could have put in an offer, but I decided that I did not want the negativity- and I certainly did not want Steve Cruz to get ANY money from ANY transaction with my name on it.

Bad business. Bad real estate agent. I wondered if it was legal to actually NOT show a house? I have the approval letter, the down payment, the good job…what did Steve Cruz get out of this? I just wonder…and I wonder if Keller Williams knows they could have had a sale three weeks earlier? I wonder if Steve bought it- or one of his friends. Either way, I didn’t know how to get in the house to see it and NO ONE followed through on getting me into the house.

How many other homes, owned by the government are being sold to the lowest bidder of the agents who are representing them?

Steve…You suck…

But the good news is I did not buy the house that really is just a piece of poo. No renovations in my immediate future…wait….Steve, you may really have just done me a huge favor.

Merry Christmas Steve. (I still do not like you though).


One thought on “Keller Williams Dropped the Ball- for FreddieMac?

  1. That’s crazy, especially knowing how down the US market is (contrary to Canada where it’s still booming).
    I am a realtor and by my rules I cannot refuse a showing even if the place does not pay any commission. I would lose my license….
    You should check with the Real Estate Board…
    Greetings from Florida

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