Christmas Cards

It has finally happened. Today is December 16th and I have yet to receive one Christmas card. I won’t count the card from my car insurance company, or the one from the hairstylist who I would never go back to even with a coupon for a free color with a cut. And, for the sake of this post, I am also not counting work cards that are handed out. I love those work cards…but work is work- and when I change jobs, I lose that card by default. I am spotlighting the mailbox Christmas Card.

It was a slow death. I stopped sending cards about fifteen years ago. It was an arduous exercise of  writing, addressing, and stamping almost 50 cards a year. I felt I was reaching out and touching those I cared for. Now, I would rather clean the garage than fill out cards. If you saw my garage, you’d get it. Chas is a borderline hoarder. Oh yeah, some day we may need something form one of those piles! Truth is, I began to hate card time, and I didn’t like what it was doing to me! If someone did not send a card back- well, I crossed them off my list after a few no-show years. Then, there were those who would send me a card just because, damn it, I sent them one.

There was no joy in sending out my cards even though they were shaped like the letters J O and Y.

The cost of cards is high. I do have a small inventory of cards I have bought over the years in after Christmas sales, promising myself that I would resume the practice- but alas, those cards are my Christmas bane. I have had a grandiose idea of taking a picture with my family, and sending it out like my friend MeLee does every year. (I am still expecting that one!?) I love the picture cards… I have actually kept them all. Actually, I have kept most of my Christmas cards for the last few years. My attempt at hoarding. If I girded my loins, scribbled my name and sent my cards, I would hear from some of my dear, old friends…right?


I wonder if  I would be able to reestablish some Christmas Card relationships? Surely it would take a few years, I think I may have to prove myself Christmas Card worthy! I have been the no-show, the receiver, not the giver. But, there is an unwritten rule in the giving of Christmas cards: If you do not send them, you do not get them. They are like boomerangs and  compliments. Isn’t it awkward to give compliments over and over and NEVER get one back?

I do not deserve your cards. I admit it. My bad. Maybe next year.

Did I mention I was off to clean the garage?




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