Let’s Talk Turkey

The holidays are hard- I am thankful for the nice images of happy people receiving gifts and kisses that began with Kay jewelers, but the truth is moments like those pushed on us during these months are as fantastical as Pandora. Make-believe. It is all make-believe.

I need to make some belief to get me through this season. I accepted a new position with a small district outside of Hondo, Texas. The day I interviewed for the job the elementary principal had to shoo away a bull that was grazing near the playground.  This scene is certainly different from the city-life I have with Katy ISD. I won’t miss the noise pollution- the sounds of cars and trucks, nor will I miss the uneasy feeling of being in my home at night when Chas is gone. I keep lights on and my phone ready to call 911. The first week I experienced Houston News I became afraid of the dark. Then there are my crazy neighbors who play loud music and fight about where their money is being spent. I learned the other night that the money HE spends is NOT going “to no ho’s”. I also learned he has cold feet and there is nothing going on in their room other than sleeping.


I have called the police six times since moving here. Four times on my crazy neighbors and two times on strangers coming to my door after nine pm to ‘sell’ something. Six times in a year and 5 months.

I LOVE what we have done to the house. I say we, but  Chas has been the mastermind to the home overhaul. My new shower is awesome, my kitchen is straight from a magazine- I will miss my renovated interior- just not all that lies outside my front and side doors.

I will miss my job at Taylor high school. I will miss my students. (Okay… MOST of my students!) This has been a great place to work. I have always said that if a teacher does what is asked of them life is good. If the principal wants your room ready for a TAKS test and all of your chairs need to face a certain direction by the end of the day- then just do it. It keeps the principal from having to visit…I like that. I have always tried to do my best- one of the four Toltec agreements.

I look forward to what this next phase will feel like once I am settled, wherever we end up settling, which brings me to the most unsettling part of this move….where will we live? We tried to look at houses in Castroville, none of the realtors called us back in three days. We had luck the last day with one of the local agents and we saw a nice place, but who knows? It is the not knowing that gives me anxiety…but isn’t this what I wanted? A counselor position?

Yep- so we will see, and I will soon feel my next phase of life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work in D’Hanis ISD. I look forward to meeting the students, teachers, families and yes….the bull that hangs around the monkey bars.


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