On Being Nice, at Least ONCE a Day

I am reading a book. I do that a lot. This book is an oldie but a goodie, and I am happy to report that I bought it for six bucks at Barnes and Noble while in Utah. It is, Become a Better You, by Joel Olsteen. I thought that this was the perfect purchase while at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. I was working on becoming a better me, inside and out. And, I like Joel. I want to go to his church as I do live in the Houston area right now, but have not gone. We do watch him every Sunday on TV, sans Victoria’s message. I try to like her, maybe if we chatted and shared a moment…

Joel says we should do kind things for other people and that is how we fill our life with meaning. Good idea. Also, he states that The Bible says we should not go telling other people all the good stuff we do, because if we do that, we are receiving our reward right then. If we tell a friend we gave a bike to a little girl who never had a bike before, and that friend says, “Wow, how selfless of you!” End of accolades, end of story.

I wonder, what if I purposefully set out to do something nice everyday? I am BASICALLY a nice person, and I have spontaneously acted kindly a time or two…what if I forced it and looked for ways to be kind and give? I am smart enough to know that giving does not mean I have to open my purse up and spread the poverty of my personal bank- nope, it means giving of something I may have be it time, a place in line or even a kind word. And in order to give, it has to be real- no fake words of kindness. I hate those- don’t you? Okay, I am lieing.  I partially hate the pat, the hug via logos- not unlike a one armed hug with a patting on the back. That dangling arm says so much doesn’t it? It is much louder than the arm that is patting. The dangling arm says, “I am so half-hearted about this person. I just want to pat a few times and bolt.”

I do not want to give out one-armed hugs. I want to give a real one when it matters! A kind word when I believe every syllable is true. I want to give. I am ready.

So I started my experiment with giving. Now you may say, Kim…if you blog what you do that is your reward! You are correct. But if I blog to influence others to do the same… at least one act of spontaneous kindness a day, it would be worth forfeiting any rewards- maybe. I think that if I am open to giving there will be lots of opportunity to give.

Bottom line, I need to find ways to give. so if you have any suggestions…


6 thoughts on “On Being Nice, at Least ONCE a Day

  1. Hi Kim,
    On November 12th we have “Random day of kindness” . Not sure if this is local, Canadian or worldwide.
    But wha I DO know is trying to this

    • ok…so I hit sent too early. What I am trying to say here is that, in my own little world, I am trying to include random acts of kindness in my life everyday.
      I thinkk that’s what will make the world go around.
      Keep writing my friend. I keep following you.
      I am honoured to have you among my friends

  2. One of my co workers forgot her phone, over the weekend, at work. I charged her phone for her. I’m sure she won’t remember that it was dead – but I just did it to be nice.

  3. OK now. ,technology, give me a break….
    What I was trying to say is that I am trying to do “random acts of kindness” every day. I think that’s what makes the world go around.
    If more and more people do this, it will be a kidner more caring world.
    Thanks for sharing yur thoughts I consider it an honmour to hace you ommne of my friends.

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