Ladies, Ladies, Please…

I thought I would tackle an issue that most women deal with on a regular basis, if they leave their house.

Using the ladies room.

I went to the movies and had to use the facilities. Being this was date night, the theater was jamming and the lines to get the way overpriced pop-corn was long. Chas stayed in line while I went to face my own line. Then, when it was my turn I went looking for my stall- and after looking at three that were open, I wished I could hold it through Wall Street…but I couldn’t so I chose the ‘cleanest’ one I could find. I hovered and fumed.

Why….why do some women, and some girls trash our bathrooms? Why? If the toilet doesn’t flush- go tell the management. If you see that the person before you had that problem…don’t use that one- and then go tell management.

There are trash cans. Use them.

When changing your baby, use the trash to dispose of the trash.

Are mom’s dropping the ball here? Who has failed to teach our girls how to keep a clean lavatory clean?

Oh, and those poor people who are stuck cleaning women’s bathrooms…let’s talk about that. Yes, ladies, someone else has to clean your mess…why make such big nasty ones? Is it because someone else is stuck cleaning your mess and it gives you pleasure to make it? I just want some answers! This is baffling to me. Every woman I know wants a clean bathroom experience.

I am asking that women stop nasty bathroom habits…help keep women’s restrooms clean. Show some pride. What we need is a good campaign starting with bumper stickers, t-shirts, billboards maybe some commercials with beautiful movie stars proclaiming their committment to keeping IT clean: your know, our women’s public restrooms.

Some ideas: Ladies, Keep IT Clean! Public Potty Pride! Stop the Un-Sanitzed! Wipe Out Nasty Bathroom Habits!

And then, wash your hands before you walk out. But that is the subject of my next campaign idea.

I had to get that off my mind.


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