The Perfect Day

Today, outside of Houston in Katy, Texas, the temperature was 79 degrees with low humidity. It was like being let out of an oven, or stepping into freedom after a being locked up next to an open fire for months. The breeeze was just as perfect as the position of the sun which when I was outside today, was slightly dipping in the west.

I went for a run at the park. It was awesome. So many people were there to enjoy the weather, and just be outside without fear of heat stroke. Taking in the view was just as refreshing as taking in the air. I saw moms pushing their babies, some fast teen runners and a few grandparents. Families. Lots of families. I saw a young boy riding his bike up and down the bike path hills with such vigor, as if he just received the bike for Christmas. He was so intense and seemed so happy. Yep, today was a bit like Christmas, the weather was a gift. It ws perfect.

I started to wonder what a perfect day would look like if I could start from morning to night- if I could have my life anyway I wanted. I tend to think this way while running. So, I came up with my perfect day, and I wondered next, why can’t I have it?

My morning would start in a beautiful bedroom, clean, crisp sheets, big fluffy pillows and an earth tone room. Windows, windows, windows overloooking a beautiful scene, possibly my garden, or the lake view…heck it is my perfect day…my window/doors open to my garden which is landscaped to hug the view of the lake, no wait…ocean…and mountains.

My bamboo floors are clean and I go to the kitchen where coffee has been brewed. My kitchen is organized and my coffee cup goes well with my view- so, I go outside to sit and take in the new day, and drink my java. Coffee, you see, is a lifestyle!

I get calls from my girls who just wanted to say good morning and oh, they love me! Both are coming for lunch, and my grandson is coming as well. Until he is out of diapers he has to run with the lady gang.

Music is playing in my home. I favor the sounds of James Taylor, and other artists who have published calming rock music. Is James Taylor my grandmothers’ Lawrence Welk? Meditation time after coffee, then the yoga/pilates instructor shows up to get me moving. After that is done, I concentrate on my business. I write and speak, and today I am preparing to fly to Omega institute where I will be teaching a seminar on how to create your perfect day.

After booking a few more engagements I call my editor and we talk about the book. Even though it is my fourth book, I am as excited as if it were my first.

Lunch with the ladies and gentleboy is in the garden. The furniture is comfortable, and we dine on an amazing salad made from the garden and some salmon. We toast to our health and laugh the afternoon away. We walk the beach and take in the beauty- grandson runs and runs. He will sleep well tonight.

When the girls leave, it is time to enjoy some reading in the library- a quaint room full of all the books I love and a comfy chaise lounge next to the sofa and the doggie bed. Goldberg is asleep. He is older now and loves reading time! Maybe he enjoys the smell of my tea!

Chas is home! We sit outside and enjoy the setting sun with a light dinner and sip of wine. He is excited about the New York trip; we leave in the morning for the weekend seminar.  He handles all of the business- we are the perfect partners in many ways. We swim in the pool and hit the hot tub before going inside to snuggle in that bedroom o’windows.

Without any worries, we sleep.

And yes, I will dream on…..


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