Kim Kerley’s Blog is One Year Old!

Happy birthday to my Blog! Actually, it was a year old the third week in August- I forgot my Blog’s Birthday. I meant to write a special Birthday Blog, but didn’t. Now, I want to make it right! Sorry Blog! You have grown so big in a year- over 100 thousand words and growing!

When I started this blog I wanted to work on my writitng skills. I wanted to dig into my life and mind and just write. So, I did. At first some of my friends made a bit of fun of  me. I think I was told to get a therapist. I believe the main idea with one of them summed it up in her e-mail where she wrote, “WTF?” I stopped e-mailing the blog to those who were less than nice about it- and to those of you who still get this mailed to you and yet you made fun of me as well…sorry you are still on my list. Let me know and I will take you off, or you can save my feelings and delete it quietly. I would rather you did the latter- as if you are on my list I considered you somehow a comrade, be you a comic, a cousin, an old friend from the past.

I have had many interesting comments. My favorite: “I am surprised how much I enjoy your blogs. You are a good writer. Who would have thought?”

I know, right?

I have gone back and read my blogs, corrected some of the grammatical/spelling errors and maybe tweaked or deleted a few sentences, but overall, I enjoy them. Revisiting the writings is fun for me! I may not be an amazing genius writer…but…I like doing it. And wasn’t that the mantra of the 60’s: “If it feels good, do it?”  It feels good, so I do it, and I send it out, and I watch the stats.

I have heard from many people I know, and some I have never met. Comments are fun, and through them I get a good idea if my ‘message’ was understood in the way I wanted. One of the first blogs I wrote was Just Give it to Jesus. I had meant for the piece to be funny (at least a little.) But, it hit a cord- and I heard from a lot of people. One comment implored me to trust Jesus and that it shouldn’t be the other way around…opps! My attempt at humor missed the mark. I wrote that I promised God that if HE let me win the lottery I would help others and implored Him to trust that I would! Just trying to be witty in a real-life kind of way!

Sarcasm and humor are hard to write. I am both in person. I wonder how others have read some of these posts? Do you hear my voice? Can you glean a little sarcam inbetween some of the lines?

I took the liberty of writing about my life. The blogs about my early years are now on Private. As I dug into my experiences, I found much more to write about other than what I went through as a teenager and young adult- though, many of those experiences helped mold me, those threads are now dwarfed by a much richer life, more colorful and meaningful. My tapestry is beautiful and perfectly flawed.

Over the summer I wrote about my experience at Fitness Ridge. What a blessing to be there. I still implore anyone who has the desire to go…to GO! Yeah, money is an issue, BUT…one puts their money where their heart is, and if you want a healthier one- then go there. And if you do book, tell them I sent you, as I am returning for two weeks next summer. I probably won’t blog again- I may hang out at the pool with my buddies instead of spending two hours a night on my computer. I am gald I chronicled the experience- I had the most readers during this time.

I wrote about my grandson being born and have not written much about him since. It is difficult to express how much I love this little boy! He has my heart- I am proud of my daughter and her husband for doing such a wonderful job. Owen has a happy home, and so many people love him. Blessing!! Blessing!! Blessing!! When I start thinking how it would be cool to teach overseas or Alaska, or just run away to the mountains in Utah, I am kept here because my heart is tethered to his.

I was invitred to join It is a website for women 50 and older. I post my blogs there after I post them here, and have read them a few more times and fixed them a few times more. I was proud to be asked! My first publication! Hey, I will take it…one has to start somewhere and I am now reaching more people.

I wish to thank you all for reading my blog. For commenting. For sticking it out with me as I dug up my past then buried it again. Thank you for getting what I am trying to do here…write about stuff maybe you have thought of yourself, or had never crossed your mind but you enjoyed the ride! This blog has been my substitute for performing, as I believe God has been loud and clear that a comedy career  was not in my future, and I am hoping the writing career is. Thank you for being my audience. I invited you here and some of you stayed…and those who thought WTF?

I’m dream chasing. It is what makes my world go around.


2 thoughts on “Kim Kerley’s Blog is One Year Old!

  1. I love your writing and consider it a privilege to be one of your audience.
    I am looking foward to hang around the pool with you next summer!

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