Home Again, Home Again

There was one aspect of going to Fitness Ridge that scared me- going home! How many times have I been successful with weight loss only to fall down the slippery slope and end up looking and feeling worse than before? Leaving the confines of  The Ridge indeed scared me, leaving the dining room frightened me even more! I had my meals placed in front of me (with a smile…always with a smile, the kitchen staff rocks!) then when I finished, the plates were whisked away and washed without me having to witness it. I loved that part.

During my last week, I was to attend the Departing Guest Lectures. Thank goodness. Every fear I had was addressed. Meals? Work-outs? Expectations? Can I do this all on my own?

Jen is the life coach and she spoke about planning. It is all in the planning. One of the best aspects of The Ridge was the cuisine. Chef Cameron demonstrated a few dishes and sold the cookbooks with the recipes he used daily. One thing I noted was how easy the recipes were! How I could shop for the ingredients at my local store and NOT have to seek out some elusive spice to complete a tasty meal. Note to self: Plan the meals weekly. Shop for the meals weekly. Eat the portion allotted, count the calories and journal them daily!

I wonder, if while you just read the above note to self, you balked a bit. does that seem like a lot to do? Journal calories in? Does it seem that using some computer or phone application, or paper and pen to keep track of your daily calories my seem arduous? A bit too extreme? I heard one person complain during the “planning” lecture that she may become too obsessed with her food, the calories, the whole process.

She already proved the point with her size that, as Dr. Phil would say, what she was doing “wasn’t working for her!” She had an obession, and it was controlling her entire life- food.  Loads of it. This particular guest was at least 200 pounds over weight. She was asked if she planned any aspect of her life. Yes, she said almost every other aspect of her life was neatly scheduled. Work, kids, kids’ activities, dog, husband (this list is not in any particular order), home, social life. Interestingly enough, food was in control of her to the degree that it permeated every part of her life. Food had control- not her. When picking up the kids there was the trip through the MacDonald’s Drive-Thru, on the way to work she ate in the car, ate while at work because there was always food in the break room, ate at lunch, snacked after lunch- you get the picture. Obsession!

Time to mildly obsess, I think.

Planning every meal, every bite and then planning for the night out and the exercise before and after, puts me in the drivers seat of my life. Ha! Ha! You chocolate covered strawberry! I will eat two of you and be very happy about it…I do NOT NEED more! I may WANT more, but that is when my planning comes in. I can have more…tomorrow. Portion control was making me its bitch! Not today!  I spent a month not feeling any hunger pangs (after breakfast- every morning at 8:40 I got hungry while hiking, without fail!) and feeling completely satiated. For the first time in my life, for an extended amount of time, I ate well-rounded, fiber filled meals that fed my body and soul. (Side note: I cut out some of that fiber because I was contacted by the US Governmental Association Secret Ozone Protection Project, or GAS OPPS.)It is like finding the secret of happiness! It is so refreshing to be stronger than the allure of a raison bagel, or buttered pop corn. I can still reach out and take a bite of that bagel, or a handful of that pop corn, but you can bet I will account for those calories. If I need to run an extra mile…I will, because after one month of working out 6 to 8 hours a day, I can. I surprised myself while performing planks yesterday; I held them for a long time. I used to barely make 30 seconds, now at 2 minutes I am getting bored! Sweet!

Today I stand confidant. Today, my meals are planned, fitness is planned. I obsessed while planning because I wanted to be comfortable with it. Done. And now, like following a class syllabus, I know what needs to happen to be successful.

Today I am ‘treading’ at the gym. That is where one pushes their limits on a cardio machine for 5 minutes, rest for 5, then 4, then 3 and so on. Yesterday I ran 5 miles, did 100 lunges, 30 step-ups, 5 minutes of planks, and some arm exercises. I learned a lot from ‘my’ trainers at The Ridge. Today’s menu is: breakfast panini, turkey sandwich and stuffed bell peppers. Easy, healthy and yummo!

Can I keep this up? Will I?

 I have 9 pounds to lose and a broken scale (it was bound to happen, all the hopping on and off!). Check in- I promise to be honest.


3 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Great blog Kim, the entire experience. I am glad you will keep your readers posted honestly!!

    Blessings to you


  2. Kim:

    Can’t wait to see you. Charlie said you look great! (You always did!) I knew you could – and would succeed at this. You are one strong lady! Good for you!

    So happy that you got to do this and that, although there were tough times, you pulled through it with flying colors. Yea!

    Gon’na miss those challenging and successful readings.

    Love you!

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