Going Home: The Last Days, Results and More

After Thursday, my 50th birthday, time flew by. Friday and Saturday were the last days at The Ridge containing last hikes, last workout classes, last meals and last looks at where I came from to where I arrived when I walked out the front doors on Sunday morning at 7 am. Friday was typical- hike, breakfast, work-out class, lecture about transitioning home, lunch, work-out, work-out, work-out, work-out, DINNER! Friday night I fell into bed, fell right to sleep, then woke up every hour during the night. What was the problem? I was testing out Saturday morning at 5:50 am. That is the time when measurements are taken, weight is logged, fat content is calculated with a machine I swear came from another planet (it is Utah…home of celestial hopes!)

After the test-out I went on my last hike which I spent with Alissia, my friend from Australia. I know this, she is a friend and we made a pact that I would be at her wedding, wherever it may be! She is a world traveler, and her youth was spent in several places, none of which contained bicycle time! So, Friday, I showed her how to ride, and taught her how to stop without looking like it was scaring her…she was using the brakes and the two-foot method! I am happy to report that she was balanced on the bike within minutes, and a day later was making turns and feeling that a triathlon may be in her future! Really, all I did was show her the curb. I had taught myself how to ride by using the curb in front of my home. When I was feeling out of balance, I leaned back to the curb. It gave me a sense of control. Mom’s and dad’s, use the curb- it works!

I see less of us! Alissia and I before Saturday dinner.

My last class was circuit class where I had to run for two minutes, switch to a weight machine then work out for 45 seconds, take a 30 second break, hit it again for 45 seconds, the repeat by heading back to the cardio machines. All machines are numbered and one just follows them. I pushed myself hard and finished four weeks sweating, breathing really hard, and feeling darn proud.

Saturday night we say our peace if we choose. The microphone is passed and whoever wishes to speak may. Every Saturday I sit amazed at the depth of experience people discuss with tears, laughter, pride. One guest thanked us for helping her push her limits just by being next to her pushing our own limits. That is kind of the way it is suppose to work: Not competitive in nature, inspirational in spirit! We are all able to do the work-outs within our own abilities. I know I certainly pulled energy from those around me when it came time to go up in levels, be it inclines or speed or both. I was thankful for the message Max shared with the group- that he enjoyed my company! We had fun during the week, we made the week, Our Bitch! (My new personal theme, as I have declared I am taking 100 percent control of my life, and making the next fifty…you guessed it, MY BITCH!

Max and I sporting our prize jackets for attending every class for 4 weeks!

 Before leaving The Ridge I purchased a make-over, just like on The Biggest Loser, when they make it to Make-Over week! On Friday night I had eyelash extensions put on. It was an extravagance but those lashes have changed my whole appearance (nose and above!) Then on Saturday I had a manicure, pedicure, cut and color. It took a few hours, but I am happy with the new look! My hair was a mess, and MaryAnn, the resort magician, gave me a whole new look. MaryAnn is an artist. Thank goodness!

After a long Friday with a full schedule of: hike, class, class, lunch, class, class, class,class, then eyelashes, I hit the bed and fell asleep fast, then woke up every hour after that. Anxiety had hit me. I was to test-out at 5:50am. I had a number in mind, and I knew I had given this experience my total attention. I had worked hard. I attended all of my classes, tired or not. I pushed it, held it, went lower and jumped higher. Whatever the trainers yelled at me, I obeyed. The time was near to see how it all measured up!

When I arrived at The Ridge, I was already counting my calories. One month prior to departure, I called Jenny (again) and lost 10 pounds. I knew I needed to get a good start in order to see my goal by the end of the summer. When I tested in at Fitness Ridge, I weighed 155 pounds. There are three measurements taken: Chest, waist, and hips. I logged in at 38, 32, 41, with 31% body fat.

I logged-out at Fitness Ridge weighing 146 pounds, measuring 34, 29, 37 with  28% body fat.

My response? I cried. I got on the scale again. Nope, still 146. How could there be JUST a 9 pound weight loss? I never strayed from the diet! What happened? After I pulled myself together to walk out in public, I went to my room and cried for about, hum, I think a minute per pound lost. Then I read my measurement sheet and took a long look at my body. It had changed, a lot. My expectations were weight loss, and less cellulite. My legs look amazing! I have beautiful hamstrings again! I have less cellulite and much more muscle definition. I changed my entire appearance. My arms are muscular and my back is  ALMOST fat-free! And, as all past guests will attest, more pounds ‘fall off’ during the first week home. The body calculator keeps calculating.

I have now lost 11 pounds. I will take it!

I am down to my last 9 pounds…so, it is going to be harder to see the weight drop. I get that. I also get that I developed some nice muscle mass. Sharon, the lead trainer, called me yesterday to ask how I was doing. She had heard I was upset with my weight loss number. “I am okay,” I told her.  “I planned on a number and when I didn’t see it, I set myself up to be disappointed. I did the exact thing I was warned NOT to do!”

At 155 pounds and being 5’7″, I was one of the ‘smaller’ guests. My numbers weren’t going to be amazing like say one of the boys who lost 39 pounds in 3 weeks. But, I have the same ammunition to keep on the path of staying fit and healthy. Where others leave with great numbers lost, they still have much more than 9 pounds to goal.

I get it. I am on my weigh! (oh yes, I did!)

My granson Owen and me, a fit gramma! 50 is the new 30!

These pants fit me when I left. One month later and I would have to fit a pillow in the front to keep them up.

I have planned, and shopped for a weeks worth of meals. So far I have made salmon burgers, granola (which is drying as I write this), breakfast paninis, and stuffed chicken breasts. I have run, lifted weights and performed some planks. Nine pounds left to lose, but I have gained so much in this process!

Thanks to all who have followed this journey with me. If you want to book your reservation, do it, and beware- this will change more about you than the number on the scale. If you do go, tell them I, Kim (Dayoc) Kerley, referred you. I get a monetary reward toward my next visit. Once you go, you can have others do the same! It is not a matter if I am going back, only when I will be going back.

Please stay tuned to KimKerley’s Blog, as I ruminate over much more than my weight-loss journey. Also, visit www.VibrantNation.com, a website for women 50 and over or under! I am a featured blogger on this site.

Check out the 'guns!' My arms are much better thank you! The ripple effect of cellulite is about gone.


8 thoughts on “Going Home: The Last Days, Results and More

  1. Kim, I think your results are awesome! We all knew the danger of putting a specific number in our heads but we are only human!

    The way I look at it is that a “healthy” weight loss is stated as being 1-2 lbs/week. Uh, you exceeded that! Think back to what Matt H. told us about putting up big numbers on the scale. Didn’t do him or any of the other contestants any good, except in that one moment.

    You have to know that you are doing what is good and right for your body. I think what really impressed me are your measurements!!!! Even I can’t boast such tiny numbers! You have a freaking LESS THAN 30″ WAIST! There are not many women out there who can say that.

    In the long run you are better off having had the more steady weight loss. I totally get it, it’s hard to not have been disappointed after putting in 4 weeks of that torture. I only did 2 weeks and I truly don’t know if I could have lasted 4 straight weeks on that schedule. In fact, I KNOW I couldn’t have (I would have ended up bitch slapping someone eventually).

    I’m proud of you and you look HOT. I had my husband look at your pix on Facebook and I said “she’s hot, huh?” and he said you totally were 🙂

    I hope that you will continue to blog your journey so that I can stalk…uh, I mean, follow you. I am starting to work with a trainer next week on my journey towards *hopefully* doing some figure competing next year. But it sounds like you have a new-found passion for life and you are going to rock it!


    • Tracy! Thanks for the compliments! If you want to compete you will be ready beofre you know it- you certainly have the discipline. I have a feeling you dropping to the floor to do planks and push-ups all day long!! (People who don’t know you may think I am kidding!) Oh,and I wish you could have b-slapped a few people…especially the one who cheated me from a full cup of granola one morning!

      • BTW…when in the heck did you ever see me go G.I. Jane and do push-ups?! I won’t lie, I do do push-ups almost everyday at home, but I only remember doing them like once at fat camp!

      • During open gym- You had perfect form. I’m a fan! I used to be able to do the push-up hand clapping move- I will post a video when that happens again!

  2. A-MA-ZING! be proud! look at those pictures! look at those results! only 9 pounds left. youre in the single digit range. i started off needing to lose 3-digits! great job 🙂

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