Day 25: Celebrating 50

Okay, I have to admit, the third and fourth time people sang Happy Birthday I wondered if there were some in the group who were thinking, “Again? What is up with this lady and her birthday?” I only wondered…then I enjoyed the moment. My sister woke me up this morning with phone call, followed by a funny card from Max about a Firedog named…MAX! HE also popped confetti all day. Thanks Max! My roommate gave me a tasty card with a zero calorie strip that tastes like birthday cake! I received cards from several guests- all of them were funny! My Aussie buddy gave me a necklace and earrings! Larry (aka Bill) and Ann Marie gifted me with three tiers of pictures. One at breakfast of me at Subway, our big outing if you are here at The Ridge for three or four weeks, then a picture at lunch from our hike at Awesome Chasm, then at dinner a collage of the hike. I am wowed!

Then there was Calorie Monkey! He showed up at lunch with balloons and freaked me out! Who sent the monkey?? Elizabeth, my www.puppetthis friend! We had said that we needed something to help us count calories without a lot of trouble. So we came up with Calorie Monkey, who just slaps the food right out of your hand! Who will fight you and win when you try to go over those magical 1200 calories. We laughed our asses off at that idea, and he came to life today at lunch! Thanks Elizabeth, you are funny, and I am happy to have met someone so talented! She sang William Shatner’s version of Rocket Man we we had karaoke. It was the best rendition ever!

I received phone messages from my family and family: Gail, Kristi and Owen, Shannon, Charlie, Joe and Karen. Then there is Facebook! I love it- over 50 messages wishing me a happy birthday.

I took pictures of the cards and gifts. Thanks to everyone who made this day a really special one.

All of the gifts and flowers and pictures- I couldn't fit in Calorie Monkey!

I chose to spend my fiftieth here at The Biggest loser Resort at Fitness Ridge BECAUSE I wanted to be in the midst of a change. I wanted this to symbolize a new beginning. This is not just a body change- though that is a major part of it, but I needed a reconnection to mind and spirit. I am getting that here, too. I have climbed mountains, literally and metaphorically. I have broken through barriers, literally and physically. I have faced fears, and made them my bitch (Thanks Max). I have lost weight, I will know how much in a few days, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and experienced another dream. I am a firm believer in following your heart and dreaming big! Which brings me to Tiffany.

A very inspirational trainer, Tiffany!

Tiffany is my favorite trainer. She keeps us motivated by saying, “Play big! Playing small doesn’t suit you! Do this because you can, and because you are worth it!” Those words got me through some tough moments in the gym! It is weird that I could be struggling then hear Play Big, then without a thought go several levels higher on the treadmill! She has also taken us out to play. I played a game of kickball today with 22 other guests and we laughed the whole time. Thanks Tiffany.

Another favorite trainer is Nicole. She was the first trainer to make me cry! Nicole taught Ball Works class my first week. Ball Works sounds fun and inviting, but it is a hard class. Her favorite line was, “The ball you are holding over your head only weighs 2 pounds!” When she had us sitting on the ball with weights on our knees, telling us to SIMPLY lift and kick, I did not find it so simple. I was weak. I could barely lift my leg, though I gave it all I had, which made my eyes leak a little.

Trainer Nicole and a new friend Ali.

My last favorite trainer is Robin. She is an angel. She is kind and dedicated and always ready to help us out. She teaches extra classes for our open gym time. She reminds me of my favorite second grade teacher! I equate Robin with, “GO! GO! GO!”

Trainer Robin and my roommate Paulina after a tough workout!

I end my day feeling such gratitude. I am thankful to all those I have met here who I now call friend. And thanks to everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis.

Fifty is the beginning of my new life!


5 thoughts on “Day 25: Celebrating 50

  1. Fifty is nifty!!! You look fabulous. Keep up the good work and the good writing. I have enjoyed reading All your blogs!!!

    Blessings to you!!


  2. Another great one! Goldberg & I are holding down the Fort, but he said you better hurry home or he’s gonna spanks the calorie monkey.
    Love Chas

  3. Kim – isn’t “50” great? And a dream that you are making come true is even better! Happy Birthday and congrats!

  4. what happened after july 8??? youre leaving us all in suspense! going to FR in a couple months, curious to know how you ended up 🙂 loved reading your blog

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