Day 24: Trainers and Timing

The first few times I hike Saddle Back here in Ivins, Utah, it took about 43 to 45 minutes to get to the top. I was told by a hike guide that 45 minutes was an average time. Today, with Max in the lead, we made the climb in 31 minutes. We went fast. It is amazing how strong one’s glutes can get hiking in these mountains six days a week. And, as Max so eloquently out it, “we made Saddle Back our bitch!” Of course going down is not as much fun, but we did get to climb up onto an overlook and it was beautiful. Right now we have a lot of very fit women here at The Ridge, and once we reached the overlook, one of them said they were bored. How different I am from her. I can never get bored when I am near mountains, oceans, or anything earthly majestic. If a rabbit hops in my path I am totally entertained for those fleeting seconds. Thank God I am easily entertained, huh? Once I sat on a bench in the Alps in Switzerland. I had to cross-country ski over an hour to get to that spot and I remember thinking how blessed I was to have that view at that moment. I have carried it with me- and the views here may not be the Alps, but they are pretty awesome!Larry (Bill) and I on the overlook. We are NOT bored!

After hiking hard we eat breakfast and then proceed through a day of assigned classes. I have to admit, I am tired. I thought I would be able to kick it up a notch, you know, like Emeril and BAM my way through these classes so I can reap the benefits! I have attended all of my classes, and I am pushing myself… just not much BAM. After almost 4 weeks of hard core training, I am feeling a little worn. Tonight I will turn the lights out early and peek inside myself for some BAM.

I wanted to acknowledge the trainers here at The Ridge and discuss their favorite sayings. I am going to introduce a few today and then the rest tomorrow. The trainers here are the best. It is amazing how this place has employed all of the best people. Everyone is very professional. It is high-end when it comes to the employees!

John is my favorite trainer. He makes us “HOLD IT!” If you don’t “HOLD IT” he gets loud, and sounds disappointed in you. Yep, it is important, to “HOLD IT!” His other saying is “Let your body do what it was meant to do.” I love that. When I push my body to new limits, it performs well! It is me, and I have amazed me through it a lot these last 4 weeks!

John, my fav trainer with my fav Aussie!

Sharon is my other favorite trainer. She makes things “Funner!” That word is used a lot here because Sharon perpetuates its use. One of the very fit women rolled her eyes in disgust when Larry used it on our hike today.  Sharon also never ‘behaves’ in kickboxing class. She is a monster in there. As I said before the trainers here are all amazing, and Sharon is a powerful woman with a super smile!
Marjorie and I near the pool where good people turn bad!

My next favorite trainer is Marjorie. She is positive and happy and almost never gets upset with us. One Friday afternoon, she did get flustered. We played a game in the pool we became overly aggressive. People were being dunked, grabbed by the neck, basically it was out of control. That day I laughed more than I had in a long time. I was not one of the aggressors! Marjorie proclaimed many times, “I have never had this happen before!” Then she said, “Enough! No more, come down here and grab a noodle!”

Sharon making things “funner!”

Today in kickboxing class Max and I were ready to play it up for the camera, but the staff camera man didn’t show, so we took a few photos of me making Max my bitch!

Beating Max in the stomach- I was first in line!
Where was the camera guy? This was amazing stuff!
My birthday flowers from Charlie, one day early! He loves me.

I received flowers from my Charlie today- a whole day early! John asked about them and I told him I had informed Chas that The Ridge will accept flowers for the guests. I learned a long time ago that I should not sit back and expect flowers, or cards…I should plant the seeds and then if they indeed produce flowers, cards and letters- it is all good.

Tomorrow is the big birthday. I turn 50. I chose to be here as a statement of how I want to live my life.

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Trainers and Timing

  1. July 8th: Good morning, Keeum! I just want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY … that’s awesome that you are celebrating there!!! We will have to celebrate when you return … Margaritas (for me anyway – not sure what you will want to do when you return). I saw Goldberg this weekend; you can certainly tell he misses “Mama” – he’s a sweetie though — so happy to see some company! Anyway, again, HAPPY 50TH!!!

    P.S. I have read every one of your blogs … CONGRATULATIONS on your feats!!! I commend all of you for your diligence and hard work.

    Love ya, Paaum

  2. Hello Awesome Lady! You look great! Wishing you a very blessed and wonderful birthday! I wish you were coming out to NorCal but we will just have to do it another time! Enjoy your day and the rest of your trip at the ridge!

    Happy Birthday Kim!


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