Day 23: Stop Sign One More Time

Stop sign is a well known hike for anyone who has ever attended The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. Many pictures have been snapped at this sign because it stands for something- it stands for, “Hey, I just walked 4.2 miles uphill. Did I mention it was UPHILL? It is a monster of an incline, and because I wanted to maintain the tradition, I had my picture taken by the sign. Unfortunately, it is a bad one! I asked my hike guide to take it…he said it was a good one, and I dared to believe him! But, because it is all I have, here it is…

The Stop Sign

Stop sign is the only pavement hike. It is the only hike I plug in the i-pod. It is the only hike I timed. The first time I attempted Stop Sign, I was at the top in an hour and 15 minutes. The second time, one hour, the third, 59 minutes. Today, 56 minutes.

I rocked it!
I passed another guest. When she arrived at the sign she said, (and this was our first exchange since she arrived) “I didn’t know you were on my van or I would not have let you pass me.”
I laughed. Competition is awesome. I had a better time because I wanted to pass her. I said, “What makes you think I would have let you pass me?”

 I am thinking Jerry Springer…”You don’t know me! I am getting mine!”

She is a nice person and I enjoyed our talk while we walked DOWN to the van. Like I said, the atmosphere here this week is much more Can DO, than last weeks REFUSE TO DO.

After breakfast we had Emotional Mastery; a workshop on emotional mastery! We discussed what we were afraid of- me? I think I have a fear of success, because every time I get close to any goal it is stripped away. I need to be responsible for that. It happens with my diet. I can be doing all the right things: eating right, exercising, then I am offered an Italian Margarita and boom! All the good behavior stops and the old bad ones resurface. Why the heck am I afraid of achieving what I want and need to achieve? Maybe I have carried a “I am not worthy” sign much too long. Yep, it is time to remember the Stop Sign. It is time to stop, heck, I turn 50 on Thursday and I look back my a half century of  life. 50 years of too many mistakes. Is it possible to live the next half with fewer mess-ups? Please tell me yes!

Breakfast this morning was a peach muffin. I never eat the muffins because they are too small, so I opt for the cereal. I am all about the volume now! Lunch was gazpacho, and it was great, like eating a sweet salsa. That was followed by a lettuce wrap. Dinner was shepherds pie and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a god food day.

Todays classes included total body toning, cardio intervals and pool class. I fell asleep in stretch class. I don’t feel one bit guilty. It was awesome!

I find I am super tired still. I am ready to be getting ready to go home. I had two compliments from some of the new guests. I was told by both women (on separate occasions) that they thought I was one of the trainers when they first saw me! Now, I know I am no where near as perfect as the trainers here- but hey, they didn’t know who our trainers were when they first saw me. So, I will take the compliments! It is a sign of success.


4 thoughts on “Day 23: Stop Sign One More Time

  1. I Love you Kim, but I just can’t keep up with your obbsession to be thin…..some of us were just not created to be skinney, and without extreme measures we cannot achieve that! are we not worth knowing? are we not worth hanging out with? I give up, I can’t, and don’t have the energy to be what society wants me to be…..but, good luck, you were always skinny in my book, yet you were never sastified! I hope you get where you want to be.

    • If you see one of my earlier posts I blame my father, not society! BUT… I really wanted the fit part Becky, I was loosing too much muscle. I really wanted to tone up. My stay here has been a dream come true for me. It is something I have wanted to do for many years. You are one of the most amazing women I know!

  2. the answer to your question is ” Y E S ”
    Glad that this week’s group has the spirit of the Ridge.
    Did I mention that you look marvelous? Trainer Kim?
    Be well…..Sabine

  3. Hi Kim,

    I am so glad to hear that the spirit at FR has changed for the better this week – it makes a big difference in everyone’s energy.

    I’m so glad to hear that you are embracing all these exciting changes that you have been having during your stay at FR.

    It was a pleasure to meet you – I hope one day I have the chance to cross paths with you again.

    Take Care,

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