Day 22: Necessity Beats Fear

Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. I learned the deal on selling my house went sour- and it made me sad. I had hoped to sell the house, get out of debt and have a few more choices open up since my money wouldn’t be locked into payments…so many payments! Would I still get my masters with student loans, yes. But I digress on what I really want to share about this amazing experience here at The Ridge! I didn’t sleep much at all last night, maybe three hours. Money worries suck, don’t they? When I got up to prepare for my hike, I told my roommate, Paulina, I was glad the Monday hikes are used for evaluation. Hikers can let their level be known! Monday hikes are usually rocky inclines with some nice views.  

My hike was rocky with a nice view, but it was one of the toughest hikes I have experienced. And scariest. Remember the wall I wrote about? Remember the fear I wrote about? Remember how I felt like the kid on the diving board who backed off the board because she was too afraid to jump off? This morning I could not get off the diving board. I had to jump, or rather climb several very steep walls. The hike is called Awesome Chasm, and it was. The first 2 miles was a sandy hike, then we went up. Straight up. The first wall we came to (I call it wall!) was the place where I broke through my fear. I had to, because the only way we were all going was up. There were five guests on the hike and two guides. All off them were amazing. They spoke softly, kept me calm and guided my way step by step. Here is the picture when I made arrived!  

My knees were shaking, but my heart was proud!


 I have gotten very strong physically. I love the feeling of placing my leg on a ledge and pulling my whole body up with ease. Strength was not the problem…fear was. I still may get uncomfortable, as I did today, but I learned I could do it. I can climb and then breakthrough a wall. The chasm part came later. When we arrived at the top of the tops of this climb, there was a severe drop. Some of the hikers stood on the edge. I edged close to the edge. Steep drop of Awesome Chasm.When we arrived back at Fitness Ridge we were super late, but we ate breakfast and then went to the next scheduled class.
 I missed stretch class, but I made certain that I would not be docked at class. If a guest goes to every class there are prizes at the end of the week. This week I am going for the jacket!
The new guests are great and of course the milieu has changed! The Universe has a sound: OM. Last week the Ridge had a sound: I CAN’T! WHINE! This week that sound is gone. The Ridge is filled with some strong souls. I like them!
I have four and a half days left. Today I pushed hard and I am tired. After the hike I went to Mountain class, then a half hour bike ride, then two circuit classes ending with step and puke, I mean pump class. The day ended with my favorite dessert, the parfait Remember….Thursday is my 50th. Cards and letters accepted!

My body language says, "Yikes!"


Steep drop of Awesome Chasm


3 thoughts on “Day 22: Necessity Beats Fear

  1. I am glad you are agai surrounded by good , positive people.
    Enjoy your lst few days .
    Sorry about your home sale, but htings WILL work out, they always do.
    Take care

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