Day 21: The Beginning of the End

Tomorrow I start fresh. I have decided to look at my last week here as a long “last chance work-out”! I am excited again. I am seeing the results of very hard work and dedication. I feel good, and there is less of me. Though I decided NOT to weigh in at all until I ‘test out’ on Sunday morning at 7 am, I know the scale will be good to me. I can see it, also my bras and undies are a bit big now.  Gotta love the saggy bra and undies look! Today I bought a Sundress and a shirt at Old Navy. Trying on clothes today was nice, everything falls better. So last chance work-out week it is. Watch out trainers, I just may puke!

We had our welcome dinner tonight. New York City and New Jersey are represented this week, also quite a few from Texas! This week is my birthday week. I turn 50 on Thursday. Fifty and I can still kick!! (Molly Shannon….Saturday Night Live) I came here to reconnect my mind, body and spirit. Thanks to stretch class my mind has been able to reconnect with some parts of my legs, yep, I can lay my head right down on my knee sort of almost. I am working on the spiritual part, and had quite a few epiphanies this week. If you read yesterday’s blog, I learned that alone time is valuable when one is in a group. I also learned I have much better control over my mind to mouth than I ever had before. No, really!

For my Fiftieth Birthday (Capitals intended) I made a few appointments at the spa. Here ye, here ye, on Friday I am getting eyelash extensions. Saturday I will have my hair cut and dyed and get gel-toes! Now, if you would like to send a card to me, (attention Kristi, Shannon, Gail, Joe and Chas) here is my address at The Ridge:

Kim (Dayoc) Kerley C/O

The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge
760 South 200 West
Ivins, UT 84738

What? Am I serious soliciting cards for my birthday? Yes I am. I have never been one to pretend that I don’t care if no one acknowledges my birthday…nope! I believe that SINCE I like getting the “Happy Birthdays” I need to get the word out. 50 is a big one. I am not asking for a fruit basket here, or anything edible or expensive.

Just a few funny cards.

When I turned 40 I went to a tattoo parlor and got a hummingbird, a very colorful, tasteful hummingbird inked on the side of my lower back. Since then, back-fat has put that bird in fatty flight. Lately, it looks like it is starting to land. I am so happy about that! I have no desire to get another tattoo, I just want the bird to land.

It is 7:45 and I am ready for bed and all of my items are laid out for the hike in the morning. I am as excited as I was the first night. After tonight I will post more pictures, because I plan on taking a bunch to commemorate this week.

Happy Fourth of July and goodnight!



One thought on “Day 21: The Beginning of the End

  1. Kim –

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and it sounds like you are kicking bootie. My birthday is Thursday too!! Wish I could spend my birthdy at the resort like you are but will get my opportunity in November.

    Make the most of your last week!! You can do it.

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