Days 17 and 18: The Heat is On!

How does 115 degrees sound? Hot? Yep, it is! The Ridge is located in the Utah desert! The temperatures are soaring- but it is a dry heat. I am from San Antonio and currently live in the Houston area, places of extreme heat and humidity. When it is in the nineties or over one hundred degrees fahrenheit, it is miserable. The air is thick, heavy, debilitating. Here in the desert it is hot, but, there isn’t much sweat involved. For that reason we are told to drink plenty of water, because there is sweat, it just dries fast. Tricky! Also the electrolytes are a big deal. I love the Shot Blocks made by the same company that makes Cliff Bars. One a day is what I need to keep my system even. The mornings here are still cool, I wake up to seventy degrees. Rumor has it that as the summer creeps along the night temperature creeps up and the lowest it gets is ninety! I am thankful for my Texas roots, as they are hearty and have made me stand tough in the heat of this Utah desert.

I am in my third week here and feeling very tired. I have pushed the hikes, which have been tough this week, but the classes I have slacked in my opinion. My legs felt like each one weighed a hundred pounds. I have totally depended on the trainers and their spirited banter to keep me going. Tiffany tells us that playing small doesn’t suit us and to play big. I love that. When I here that I always crank up my effort, and level on whatever machine I am on. Even though my muscles were tired I still put forth an effort- just not effort enough. Next week is my last week here and I have made a promise to me that I would push my limits. My last chance work-outs!

I love this sign, and not having to do dishes!

The food has been super this week. Last night for dinner we had a salad served in a tortilla. Inside this salad there were many wonderful surprises, including beans, rice, chicken. We were served a banana sorbet for dessert. Tonight’s dinner was chicken served on top of a potato salad made with sweet potatoes. It was yummy and the apple cobbler rocked. I never, ever pass up dessert!

This morning's breakfast. My stomach grumbles every morning at 8:40am.

Our hikes this weeks have been challenging. I asked for it, and I got it! Monday is the first hike of the week and the hiking guides evaluate the ability and desires of the guests. I insisted on being on the tougher hikes this week, so Tuesday we went to Stop Sign where I went up the hill twice (it is hard!) and Wednesday was Saddle Back, and very steep climb up with a rewarding return, and today was Volcano. Now, I had heard rumors that Volcano was the hardest hike here at The Ridge. When I got on the van this morning I made all of the guides tell me about the trails, and when I saw Cary was with us I had no fears. Cary was a mountain goat in another life. She zooms. She also knows all about the history of the area and today I found pieces of Indian pottery because she taught me what to look for among the rocks.

Third time up Saddle Back, beat my time up...again!

High up on a mountain I climbed and feeling pretty good about it.Jonez Bonez, really just deer bones. Funny?Jonez Bonez, really just deer bones. Funny?


Fridays are fun days here at Fitness Ridge. We get to dance! Today I opted for a yoga-laties class. These extra twists in the schedule sure have helped my morale. The change is good, and the movements new so I think they are super beneficial.

There are many people here this week who seem to be somewhat surprised at the intensity here, but I am getting what I paid for and more. This is The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge. Only one thing is missing and that is being forced to work so hard you puke! That is okay with me!


3 thoughts on “Days 17 and 18: The Heat is On!

  1. Kim:

    I am so proud of you! Yea you! After following you through this, you have given Lena & I enough inspiration to register for 2011. You’ll have to give us some “inside” info though. I’m a little (lot) nervous but willing to take that plunge after following your comments. Wow – you should charge them a sign up fee. Ha! Love you!

  2. Heading into the home stretch…you can do it! Make sure you do treat next week like every one is a “last chance workout” because I know it’ll pay off for you.

    So I weighed out of FR at 134 on Sunday morning and today I am down at 130. I’ve felt like I struggled my first week home but apparently the scale tells otherwise! I’ve stayed on top of my nutrition like they taught us and haven’t skipped a single workout. I actually did treading tonight and then swam 500m. in the pool.

    IT WILL ALL PAY OFF!! I’m glad you pushed yourself on the hikes…I miss them so so much. Tell Miss Heather that I say hello. And if you run into Cathy (last name?? she’s from Encinitas, CA and does the horse endurance racing and had should surgery recently).

    many xoxo’s…:)

  3. Thanks so much for blogging. I have read everyone, and am inspired beyond words. I now cannot wait for my time at FR, about 45 more days.

    Thanks again so much.

    Crystal Hughes

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