Day 16: Dreaming

Ever since I got here and put my head on the pillow in my room, I have had a barrage of really weird dreams. Is it the intense exercise making me exhausted and causing my subconscious to erupt forcing a lava flow of  technicolor images lasting all night long. I asked some of the guests here if they were experiencing strange dreams as well, and the answer was yes! While here at the Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge we are in a bubble, and in that bubble, sometimes, new lives are formed. I came here to get some stuff figured out. I wanted to get my food intake figured out. I love the food here and am buying the cookbooks and have notified my chef at home about the changes that are coming. He is good with what he has heard and willing to try this amazing, voluminous way of eating. Another change I wanted to make was with fitness. Check. These changes are key to balancing who I need to be, want to be, know I can be.


I have done so many things in my life and have yet to find a place to really settle, speaking metaphorically and literally. Here in these red mountains I have found such peace. I love the morning hikes! If you asked Charlie, he would tell you how I yearn to get outside and see, touch and feel this beautiful earth. It is a blessing to start my day at the foot of a hill. I have had a lot of time with my own thoughts…maybe that is causing the overflow into my dreams.

I have had one vivid dream worth telling. Sharon is a trainer here at The Ridge and she is someone we all get to know fast. Her classes are fun and fast and hard. In my dream i was over at Sharon’s home which was located on the top of a cliff. She had three older children, a baby and one on the way. She was in the kitchen cooking and I was in the livingroom with the others watching television. Stairs were built neatly next to the cliff and railed off for safety, but the livingroom was not railed off, and I fell off the cliff. I called to Sharon and she told me to pull myself up. No one but me seemed concerned, so I reached up and felt for something to grab. I found the edge of the carpet and got safely back into the livingroom. I implored Sharon to build a railing along the cliff but she told me all of her kids knew better, and it was fine the way it was.

Then we ate dinner.

 I am open for suggestions as to what this may mean! I am thinking that the key to the dream is when I pull myself up from the cliff, using my own strength and practicality. I have felt like I have been slipping down a cliff- and I have not been happy about it. Maybe it is time for a change.

Today was a good food day. Breakfast was a banana muffin and fruit, lunch was tuna salad, lots of greens, three slices of  potato and green beans! Lunch rocked! Dinner was vegetable lasagna and chocolate covered strawberries. There are many ways to eat chocolate covered strawberries. One is to just eat them, or one can pull the chocolate off the berries and eat them separately. The one moment we all share is when the berries and chocolate are all gone. Heavy sigh. But that is what portion control is all about. I need to learn that two chocolate covered strawberries are enough!

I did the stop sign hike this morning. I made it up in 59 minutes, got a ride down the hill and walked right back up it again. I am feeling strong and healthy- like I said I love the hikes! The weather here is HOT. The temperature has been over 105 F everyday since last Friday. Fitness Ridge is in a desert. I just learned that!

Since I am here for four weeks I was invited to the grocery store to read labels and talk about smart choices. Fun! Here we all were looking at food and labels in a whole new way. The education we receive here is solid. One main thing I learned it that if the ingredient list is long and full of words I can’t pronounce then not a great choice. Easy! (For now!) I already drink almond milk and eat lots of fruits, but need to incorporate more vegetables and keep getting all that fiber.

It is time for another night of dreams and in the morning the red mountains await!


3 thoughts on “Day 16: Dreaming

  1. Great blog. I’m arriving on Sunday for 4 weeks and wondering how hot it is early in the morning for the hikes? I was at Fitness Ridge in May and the temp was much lower. Any issues with the heat on hikes?

    • It is heating up! When I got here the morning temp was around 60, now it isaround 70….brace yourself to start the mornings in the 90’s.

  2. Thinking of you! I just put my son down for a nap and I’m watching my DVR’d episodes of New Jersey Housewives!! xoxo

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