Day 14 and 15, Goodbyes and Hellos

Tracy, me, Elizabeth!

I miss her already. I made a friend! Elizabeth is an improv-comic with a puppet theater company. Her website is She also makes puppets and is very talented and very, very funny. We met on our first hike. What were the odds? I guess we sensed each other’s zaniness! Yes to being zany! We shared two weeks and lots of laughs. That is the way it is here. There is the common denominator that all of us are here for similar reasons, then we get to sweat, hike and eat together everyday for at least a week. When we were in line to receive our prize for the week (1st week is a t-shirt, the 2nd is a hat, 3rd a bag and 4th a jacket) I was trying to figure out how I could replace my t-shirt I received last week. I ripped it on a hike and was bummed because you can’t buy these shirts; you earn them! Elizabeth asked for a shirt and turned and gave it to me! Is that not groovy nice? Thanks Elizabeth! 

Tracy left as well and she awesome. I called her GI Jane behind her back…and I meant it in a good way. She was tough, and never once did I see her ease up while doing any exercise. In fact, I think she was the perfect guest. Always pushing herself to her limits. 

These gals will be missed my last two weeks here!

Watching the weekly DVD during Saturday Night "Graduation"

On Saturday night we say goodbye to those who are done and on Sundays we say hello to those coming in. We go around the tables and give advice. My advice this week was to listen to that side of yourself that made the phone call to reserve time here at Fitness Ridge, and if the other side starts whining and complaining- tell the bitch to shut up! 

I got a laugh, but I meant it. Most guests here are living their dream, and when the dream becomes real, it may be uncomfortable. One of the trainers here says that if we don’t become uncomfortable, our bodies won’t change. The same goes for our hearts and minds. We must become a bit uncomfortable before anything new can take root. I watched the new guests a bit more closely this time. I saw a lot of nervous people. Many of them will be triumphant people before Saturday night! 

Sunday is a free day and a group of young women and I (the oldest in the car, but certainly young at heart!) drove to Zion National Park. It was either lay by the pool and get some writing done, or go see a part of the world I have never seen.  Easy choice! Zion National Park is breathtaking. There are many hikes there and I hope to return in the future and try out a few trails. I have found I am happiest outside on the dirt, in the mountains. 

At Zion National ParkZion National Park

Monday morning arrived as well as my new roommate. Paulina arrived late Sunday night and because I wear earplugs, and also because I was exhausted, I had no idea she had come to the room and settled in before 11 am. Paulina is from New york and as I write this she is laying in bed asking me if it is normal to feel so sore after the first day, and if it goes away. 

Yes and no. 

I am now into my third week here at Fitness Ridge. I feel stronger every day and am proud of what I am able to do compared to just 14 days ago! I want to thank Tracy for telling me she could tell I lost weight, “You don’t have cellulite at your ankles anymore,” she said. I told her that was part of my butt since it pretty much went down to my ankles!I see this as a good thing, as my goal was to have less cellulite. The program is working!! 

Quick look at the menu: Breakfast was a Greek frittata, Lunch was a bean and rice burrito with carrot soup, and dinner was a salmon burger followed by cranberry sorbet. all of it was great. I cannot believe how much food I am eating…all around 1200 calories a day! There is a lot of fiber in our food so we all are a bit gassy. I promise that the people here are very good about not letting it rip! We all laugh about it, but what a struggle. My glutes are getting more of a work-out by me trying not to fart than with the actual exercise. 

And with that, goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Day 14 and 15, Goodbyes and Hellos

  1. Hey!!! GI Jane here!!!! You are too sweet with your words about me…but I did freaking work my ass off! I am jealous that you have another 2 weeks, but so excited to see your results. Home is tough but it’s getting better each day and hopefully will continue to do so. Good luck with the rest of your stay 😉


  2. Not that my glutes couldn’t use all the “help” they can get but…any chance that GasEx (or Beano) would help avoid embarrassment? If so there’s one more thing to add to my list!
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. I miss you and fitness ridge a lot this week.
    Adjusting to home has been challenging. Work is the same, with it’s popcorn popper full off free popcorn and a wall of candy staring me in the face. It’s somehow different for me though. I feel like some of the classes stuck to the teflon surface that is my brain. I can’t wait to come back in a couple of weeks. maybe you should extend your stay?

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