Day 13, a Half-Day of Rest

Saturday is here! It is a great day here at Fitness Ridge because we begin our time of rest after our hike and morning class. After burning loads of calories, we get to have lunch and do whatever we wish. Oh, and we are strongly encouraged to stay on program, which means, DON’T EAT outside of the Ridge!

During one of the lectures, something the dietician said resonated with me for the first time: it is easy to eat thousands of calories in a very short period of time. It takes hours or days to work off those calories. Time. After working out six to eight hours a day, I have a new respect for time and calorie management. I immediately thought of Starbucks, one of my favorite places to grab a coffee drink. My drink has 170 calories, that is almost half of a lunch. Can I live with that? I need to incorporate the coffee- I love my coffee! I have tried for years to cut off the consumption, but it is more of a lifestyle, and one which I refuse to give up.

What about splurges? I USED to tell myself that if I eat something decadent I will watch my intake for a few days and it won’t show up on my hips. I have been kidding myself. My hips told me so. I am learning how to eat good, easy food that is big and beautiful. I am also learning how to count calories and keep a daily journal of the totals. A good thing to know is one’s metabolic resting rate, or how many calories does it take just to live. There is a test here which gives the number, but it is costly. I figured mine by going to Mine is 1312. I can consume one thousand three hundred and twelve calories a day and not gain weight. I can take in that many and exercise and lose weight! I was really hoping for 2000….oh well!

Here at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, Saturday’s are the end for some guests. I have two more weeks. Matt Hoover left already. He was super happy to have climbed a mountain, lost weight, learned how to eat and survive on 1200 calories. Yep he was happy!  There was one guest who left after a week of doing very little. She sat with an angry look, complained about the food, the exercise, the weather.  I thought about her when she was on the treadmill next to mine going at the first level for the entire class. That speed is super slow. I thought that she probably had a moment where she knew she could be successful with exercise and a low calorie diet to fight her very large frame and her many ailments. She dialed the number, made a reservation for several weeks, packed and flew here then did nothing. During pool class she sat in the shaded area and watched. During dinner she complained about the meal and sent back the dessert exclaiming her disgust with tofu. (By the way that particular dessert, the parfait was the best I have had here!) She just didn’t try. I believe deep down her alter ego, who knows she is worth the effort, cringed and retreated in shame. This guest left early; choosing her medications and anger.

One guest here spent a month and though she struggled with lots of issues, she went to every class. She never missed one. She is holding her head high, and she has been an inspiration to me. Even when I am tired, I go to class. It is what I paid for, it is what I knew I could do. I bought the program and it is totally up to me to follow the program. The more I put into the workouts the better my body reacts the next workout, and it should show up on the scale, which I will step back on in two more weeks.

I am worth the effort, and I do this because I chose to….and because I can!

I like my choice!

For breakfast today we had my favorite, granola cereal. I don’t know how he makes it yet, but we get a lot and use almond milk with it. Super yummo. For lunch we had humus and avocado served on a pita. I liked it and it was very filling. After lunch I opted to go shopping in an artisan village, Coyote Gulch. It was un-lively, though in a lovely area! That is the description I overheard from my cohort who hails from Australia.

At the Gulch on a swing next to my rommie from the Ridge!

At a coffee shop, sans coffee with my lively, lovely Australian friend!

 Dinner has yet to happen, and then we have a celebration of the last week, saying goodbye to those leaving. Tomorrow more people will come who all yielded to their own inner voice that they wanted something more for themselves- that they could do the program, knowing they are worth it!

I hope they all are above a level one on the treadmill. It helps when the person next to me is kicking butt!


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