Day 12?

Goal! I climbed right up the front this time!

Twelve days have gone by one class and one hike at a time. Today is Friday and it was rough for me. I just got tired. This morning’s hike was Saddle Back and it has a 45 minute climb, followed by ups and downs. It is a beautiful hike and is considered difficult…for most guests here at Fitness Ridge!

No angle trick, this is the last of the steep climb on Saddle Back

Today, on the hike, I felt strong. Even though I am wearing two knee braces, my muscles are coming to the rescue! After twelve days I know my fitness level has improved- now if only I could see less fat on the back!

After hiking we had open gym. I opt for either tlifting or a bike ride. Today was bike ride day! I swear I lived on my yellow ten-speed as a girl and I still enjoy riding a bike. Funny thing about this area so rich in beauty and mountain tops…all roads just seem to go up. It was a good work-out, right before another work-out. Next was cardio interval training. I pushed my cardio limits and felt proud. Pool was fun as we played a game. It got ut of hand last week and there was some aggressive behaviors. This week we had fun, and no one was dunked, choked or cut.

After the pool games I had my last Friday class and it was circuit training; which is two minutes of cardio, then two minutes of weights. AND we had to attend a lecture today. We stay busy. I missed New Jersey Housewives this week, and I have yet to see the third part of the New York Housewives reunion. Very busy.

Breakfast was turkey sausage and french toast, lunch was chicken soup with a REAL HOMEMADE WHEAT BUN, and dinner was a turkey meatball sandwich followed by a beautiful parfait. We all wished for skinnier spoons to get every last bit of yumminess at the bottom of the parfait glass.

Now I am tired, beat, fatigued, pooped, worn out. Tomorrow is another day, but, it is a HALF day! We pick our morning hikes and I choose West Canyon. Then when we get back we have a class then it is free time for a day and a half. We are told our bodies need this time. I know mine needs it- my knees are cramping my style!

Please check out the website, They asked to publish my blog! It is a great site for women fifty and up. You forty-somethings can check out the fun!


2 thoughts on “Day 12?

  1. “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” – Helen Keller
    You are soaring, Kim and I am always amazed at your perseverance!! I remember looking up to you when we played ball. You were such an inspiration to me. I wanted to be as good as a basketball player as you were. And you were always so humble, so real, so kind. You are a person that people want to be like. So, keep sharing your wonderful self with the world. Nothing can stop you. You are incredible!!

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