Days 10 and 11: Goals, Trainers and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Due to a Target foray I was unable to report on day nine. After a week and a half without a car, the scheduled trip to Target was exciting! Twelve ladies squeezed into the Biggest Loser van, and then we squeezed out and shopped. The ironic meeting place was at the tables…in the food court area. We all survived the smell of pop corn and the chocolate neatly displayed at the check-outs. I think we all enjoy the esprit de corps that comes with this place. We are all here for our health, our weight, ourselves. Yep, just a bunch of selfish ladies indulging in a bit of shopping!

The top of Camel Back, one of my goals!

Today we had our meeting again about goals. Everyday we should set a goal, think on it and then when we try to achieve the goal or reach it…we again ponder the goal. I did this all week. I chose a goal for specific classes or hikes. It has helped me push myself- remember, this isn’t television and no one is here to make us throw up! We are encouraged to push the limits, and a few of us do. My new friend from Australia (who is worried now how she is going to manage her vote for a new leader. In Australia, each citizen HAS to vote!) worked her tail off today literally. Everything she did today was in better form than before. At dinner she only managed a few very tired smiles. Here at Fitness Ridge you can purchase personal training time. She did that the last two days, as well as participating in the already rigorous schedule we have. inspiration from Down Under!!

We are told to tell a trainer what pushes our buttons to encourage us and become personal advocates. What works for me is when I hear my name. One girl likes to be yelled at. I don’t think that means they can call her a fatty fatty no-friends, but for her, the yelling gets her moving. Today the hardest class was treading. That is the cardio workout where you push for five minutes then rest for five, push for four, rest for four etc. The trainer told us it is designed to shock our bodies. I told her it was good payback because my body has been shocking me for years! Treading is to help a person who has reached a plateau, or wants to increase their stamina. It is a good heart exercise.

Hiking is fun!

Better view for how high we really were!

The trainers here are more than I imagined. Though none of them are Bob or Jillian, they are all as talented as them in my opinion. They are very professional. Every single trainer here is super fit- they are runners, iron man/woman athletes, and brilliant hikers. They are all uber-athletes! They do keep a professional distance. I like that. No one is trainer’s pet!

Fitness Ridge bases a lot on the daily hikes. This is when most of the calories are burned. We are transported every morning to a destination; usually a mountain, and we have to climb it. Tomorrow I am going back to Saddle Back- a tough climb the reward of being on top of the world. The views are spectacular and the calorie burn is the best. When we return from the hike we get to eat breakfast. Good idea to send seventy hikers out hungry and say they can eat once they finish their hill! Today I opted for the cereal because I LOVE CEREAL! Matt Hoover said we should be open to our experiences and try all of the new foods- I told him I have to get him out of my head when I order cereal. Thanks Matt!

The cereal here is a "party in my mouth!"

Tonight we had chocolate strawberries. It is heaven on a smaller plate. Two larger strawberries dipped in dep, dark, luscious chocolate. It was fun watching the room: No one left any chocolate on their plates. It was perfect, and after skewered pineapple twice in one week, I was ready for my strawberries. I hope when I leave the Ridge, I can still savor the smaller portioned desserts and meals. (Yes, dessert was mentioned first on purpose!)

See where it says "chocolate strawberries?"

I noticed a big change in my appearance last Saturday, but I am not seeing any changes this week. We are told that the body is a perfect calculator, and the energy in / energy expended will eventually show up with inches lost and weight loss. I am not weighing in until the last week. Numbers affect me, and if the calculator is slow I may not react kindly. Rumor has it that when many of the guests leave, their weight loss continues into the next week. So, my four weeks will spill over into five, and hopefully a lifetime!

Tomorrow is Friday… fun day. We get to dance and play games in the pool. There is a kickball game being organized..this is the life!


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