Days 7 and 8 or Rest then Run

Cindy and me- We share similar paths, only she is blonde.

Saturday we say goodbye to those who are leaving a day early, then party!Max, Bernie and Travis singing a 'manly' song.

Sunday there was no alarm to wake us up; but breakfast is only served from 7 to 9 am. When one is eating a regular diet of 1200 calories, one doesn’t miss a meal…does one? I was up before eight to make it on time. It was nice to sleep in a little. Sunday is a day of rest here at Fitness Ridge. We do not have to do any exercise- unless we want to. I wanted to! There are bikes and street striders. Another guest and I rode the striders for about an hour. It was not easy. They are like elliptical machines on wheels. I have 3 weeks left and I want to make the most of it.

The rest of Sunday I spent first at a theater to see Sex and the City 2. disappointing but nice to get out of the resort. Then, this is the cool part, we went shopping and I tried on some clothes. After one week here, I saw some major changes in the mirror!

On Sunday the new guests arrive, and we had dinner with them and we all introduce ourselves. I miss the people who left but there are lots of new shiny faces!

I couldn’t sleep. It was weird that I felt nervous about the new week. I knew what was ahead of me! This morning I was at the tables and waited for my van number. I had a fairly easy hike with beautiful views and Indian drawings. There is a lot of history in these mountains.

Look at me! I am an artist!

 Back at the Ridge I chose cereal for breakfast again. It is so darned good. Since this is my second week, I get two classes of open gym instead of lectures.  I went on a long bike ride and participated in a dance class! It was fun, though learning the moves is comical. I try! I really try, but. That is all I have to say.

Lunch was the famous tilapia tacos. They were good. Funny thing about working hard, and being served a meal…I love everything. Wait, that was my problem in the first place. I love food and eating, and then eating some more. The good thing about Fitness Ridge is once the plates are gone…I get no more! I hope in the four weeks I am here I learn to find comfort and joy in smaller portion sizes. I am definitely getting smaller plates.

Famous fishy tacos

I am a genius!

Dinner tonight ended with an amazingly yummy pineapple sorbet dizzeled with raspberry sauce- on a small plate of course.

End of my second Monday. Tomorrow brings a new hiking group, a new van assignment and another full day of exercise. One part of Sex and the City 2 I did enjoy was when the girls sang a song. It was I am Woman
I think I will sing that next time they break out the Karaoke!

2 thoughts on “Days 7 and 8 or Rest then Run

  1. I am so proud of you Kim. I wish I could take time off and could afford to do what you are doing! Lord knows my body and health would benefit greatly from it! Thanks for keeping us updating us, it is exciting to hear all about your experience!!

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