Day 5 and the Vortex

Friday at Fitness Ridge is a very good day. Of course we start the day with the hike, and today my hike was Camel Back. The schedule for the rest of the day was FUN! We had a “dance” class: John, our instructor, dresses like a gay John Travolta and shook his booty. We were encouraged to shake ours as well, to smartly choreographed dance moves which I had a hard time matching. I kept thinking that maybe I was too hard on Kate Gosslin when she was on Dancing With the Stars! For the pool class we played a game. All of us in the pool were divided to two sides of the pool. The goal was to get the ball which was  thrown into the pool to start the game and through a series of tosses, get the ball to your opponents side of the pool. It became brutal- we were too aggressive and had to play a different, nicer game. I laughed today…a lot.

We are hard core hikers here at Fitness Ridge!

The big deal about this place and this experience is to use this time to push yourself to improve- whatever it is that needs improving. We are lectured about break throughs, and that before this is all done, most of us will have cried.

One down.

Breaking through rocks!

I cried during mountain because I pushed myself so hard at the highest speed I chose and the highest incline I chose. But, I knew I could have pushed myself more. Good thing the trainer stopped me in the tracks of my tears. I set a goal for an incline and speed, and I have two weeks to work on it. I cried during Ball Works. The name is deceiving…how could a class with the word BALL be horrible? I walked in and saw all the big, red, bouncy balls and was not at all worried. Ten minutes later and I am being directed by the trainer to do things that I just could not do…goal number two, build up some muscle to finish Ball Works class! Then today, I cried just a smidge when we hiked to the vortex. It is a cone shaped hole in the mountain. Our guides glided down the vortex. Several of my fellow hikers followed the guides with ease, and laughter. I start down and fear literally took over. I was down the vortex half way and my body began to shake. I know I looked terrified because suddenly, the whole crew was cheering me on and directing my steps. I reached the bottom- but really I reached the top. I made it over a hurdle…fear is a state of mind and I beat the hell out of it today!

Deep down at the bottom of the Vortex.

I came here to change. I came to lose some fat, gain some muscle and challenge myself through fitness. Tonight someone said they noticed I looked different- I noticed I feel different.

Shadow dancing on Camel Back

Matt Hoover, winner of Season 5, and I at breakfast.


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