Day Four- Feeling Groovy

After two solid days and two solid mornings of feeling exhausted, this afternoon I felt a surge of energy. It was a slight surge, but a surge. Today while “treading” which is the term used for a workout where you choose a cardio machine and push your limits for five minutes, the rest five, then push four, rest four- until you reach one minute, the trainer yelled out, “Do you know the definition of an athlete?” None of us answered because we couldn’t , so she gave the answer, “An athlete is someone who trains for five or six hours a day!”

A group of Fitness Ridge athletes

We work out six to seven hours a day. I don’t think this crew would be chosen to represent what an athlete would look like- but we certainly fall in the smell-like, and train-like categories! One more category is that all of us here are really trying to become our personal best through fitness, nutrition and education. Relaxation is a fourth component, but since my computer has been acting up, my relaxation, my writing time, has been more of an irritation! I tried to download pictures last night and nothing happned- whatever anti-virus software Charlie put on my computer- yea, it is anti- internet, too.

Today I was able to talk with Matt Hoover, winner from season two of  The Biggest Loser. He seemed quiet, and I kept looking at him because 1. I love the show, 2. I loved his story and love story with Suzie…The Biggest Loser is a reality show, and he showed us a lot of his reality. He sat with a group of us at lunch and I was so happy that he was cool with me asking some questions. The show has morphed and become more nutrition oriented- but when Matt was on the contestants had one training session a day with Bob or Jillian, and the rest was all on their own. They were given no nutrition advice. It is not surprising that many of the winners from past seasons gain weight after the show. Matt now speaks publically with his wife about their experience. Suzie came to Fitness Ridge twice and she said experience of being here changed her life. The fitness, the food, the lectures- all work.

Stronger, fitter!!

I also got to speak with Bernie, at-home winner from a past season. He said the fitness aspect of this place is much harder than The Ranch, but there is less puking because the guests don’t work-out until they lose their lunch…contestants do. Makes for good TV and of course, I am told that the prize, the money, is a huge incentive.

I learned so much about my favorite show! I learned that I made a great decision to be here- even if Suzy Ormund would totally disapprove!

Already I feel stronger. A sense of pride when I reach those mountain tops, both literally and metaphorically. Today we hiked the Third Raven. It was challenging and beautiful.

Teeter Totter Rock at the top!

During gym class today we played. We ran, jumped rope, skipped and a bunch of other stuff. It was a blast- after it was over, Max said we should form a human pyramid…so we did. I hope to get a copy of that picture before the week is out.

The food is amazing: We eat tons of food!! They serve us on smaller plates, but still….the food is plentiful and very low in calories. Dessert rocked tonight- tofu pudding! If tofu wasn’t exposed in cooking class that day, I would have never known.

Can you see the calorie count? Less than 1100! The food is great.

I have homework, I was told to make some personal goals. I will, but so not sure what they will be yet, but I will. Tomorrow we hike Camelback. Oh…I have a goal, I will enjoy the mountains tomorrow!


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