Day Three- Pictures!!

Chas is awesome- he sent the port and I got it tonight- but then I had computer problems. So tonight I will post some pictures and just share a few things.

I learned today that drinking water from a new Camelbak tastes like hose water to the power of ten. It is gross. BUT! If you put a teabag in the bladder, it takes away the plastic taste. Also, one could use lemons. Make note of this very good advice.

Just like on TV! I get to ride in the van to the hikes!

Quick look at today’s menu: Breakfast was filling! We were served eggs, turkey sausage, fruit and french toast. The calorie count was 265. For lunch were had beet soup and BBQ pizza. It was made from Orewheat bread and was tasty. Dinner was a salad stuffed with yummy stuff and still only had less than 500 calories- I mean it was a lot of food!! Mango sorbet was served with a flower- this is a resort after all!

View from Saddleback hike

This sign tells us what the menu is for the day, plus calories. It is a very popular sign.

I I went on Saddleback for the hike. 31/2 hours of hike. Up was up. Up. Then we went down, across sand and to the van. I like the hikes, I think of nothing but where I am and what my step it. Hiking rocks as a stress reliever!

Classes today were kickboxing, cario intervals, water intervals, and  mountain. I will explain those later- it took an hour to get my computer working and now I am beat!

Enjoy the pictures. If amyone is reading this and thinks they could not do the program…you are wrong and I hope you figure that out. This place is all I thought it would be. I feel challenged, and I feel like I am acomplishing a lot. I feel a difference in my right shoulder already. It had been hurting for about 4 months- 3 days in and I am gaining strength and the pain has subsided!

View from the hike Day One


2 thoughts on “Day Three- Pictures!!

    • Remember this Kim: YOU can do all things thru Christ who strengthens you. I am so EXCITED for you! Share your incredible self with those around you. YOU are amazing!!!!!

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