Day Two, Tuesday, Tired

When The alarm went off this morning at 5:45- I pressed snooze. I love that button. I got up and dressed for the hike. We are put in groups and schedule now for the entire week. I spent 6:30 am to 9:05 am walking the Stop Sign Hike. Nine miles round trip, on pavement with the first 4.5 miles all uphill, and the last of 1.3 of the 4.5 is a very steep incline. On the way to the hike I was nauseous. Was it the Tylenol? The multi-vitamin? Caffeine withdrawal? All of the above? I was so me yesterday: I was cracking jokes, laughing… having fun at others’ expense! Today? I was quiet and trying not to puke. After the first mile I was fine.

It hurt, but the scenery kept my mind off of the pain. I saw sand dunes between mountains of red rock. The air was crisp and clean. What a great gift to be here to experience this beautiful place. Charlie sent me my camera port thingy- I should have it tomorrow! Yes to pictures!!!

When we arrived back at the Ridge we had breakfast. It was a tofu smoothie, some fruit and some bread with a butter-like substance.

Today’s schedule was easier than yesterday, and for a good reason. Every move I made took such effort. My entire body is tired. I made it through each class, and I am so happy to be in my room, showered and having this conversation! After breakfast we had a lecture on nutrition. Then we had a cooking demonstration…he basically showed us all the yummy alternatives for cooking light. Stretch call was sweet- just what my almost 50 year old body needed. Then lunch. It was a very tasty vegetable sandwich and a salad. THe afternoon schedule was toning, water interval training and then cardio interval training. Dinner was an ostrich burger with brussel sprouts. I found that even at a fancy resort I still hate brussel sprouts- and yes to all the moms…I tried them before spitting them out! Now dessert was two strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.

You know you are on portion control when you try to make the food last as long as you can. I swear I almost cried when I finished the last strawberry!

The main thing I experienced today, though, is the fatigue. I feel tired and I look tired. I am told that by Friday my body will be acclimated to the exercise, which means I can start pushing even harder! We had a lecture on weight loss and it was not happy news. It may take a few minutes to eat a bunch of calories, but it will take hours to work them off. I need to remember that. Page Corley told us to expect about 2 to 3 pounds of weight loss per week. We all scrunched our faces and a few of us told her that we wouldn’t have come here to loose only 2 to 3 pounds a week. Like the show- I know I have burned enough calories, and will continue this so I should lose about 6 pounds….we will see. Some of us concluded that the unhappy news is basically CYA stuff. I am all for loosing inches…but I really want to see my number drop as well.

That was day two. I am so tired I am going to post this and watch New Jersey Housewives (on the Bravo website)  before going to sleep.

Like Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day!


4 thoughts on “Day Two, Tuesday, Tired

  1. Enjoying reading your blog. I wish I could afford to be doing that routine for 4 weeks. Lord knows I need it!!

  2. That smoothie had tofu in it?? I didn’t feel well and had the toast instead. Don’t you DARE tell me anything that happened on Housewives (or else I’ll get Danielle to come knocking on your door…and she won’t be alone)!

    Good job–you rock. Catch ya tomorrow at some point 🙂


  3. Kim…
    I am just catching up on this…where r u…what r u doing and why? P.S. I love brussel sprouts so mail them to me

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