Day One

I unpacked all of my stuff. Too much stuff. I then spent the evening eating dinner, which was a really good. It was chicken and broccoli, with a tiramisu for dessert. Wonderful flavors, and because The Food Network taught me some food adjectives, I will now use them: beautiful, clean, good mix of textures! We then went around the tables and the guests who were continuing on gave the newbies some advice. Mostly it was about blisters and electrolytes. 

I hope I don’t get blisters and I bought some electrolytes to put in my water- after the intros about twenty of us bought the same stuff to ward off nausea!

Matt Hoover is here, winner from some season. I found that Biggest Loser fans know their stats as well as baseball fanatics! They can tell you the names of all the contestants, which season they were on, how much they lost, who they married….which brings me to Bernie, at-home winner some season. He is here with his fiance and they are to be married in Tahoe on August 8th! He is super nice, a real happy guy. Max is here….Mike’s brother who was broken at the sight of his dad and brother because they looked amazing and he was now the “fat brother.” He lost 94 pounds here at The Ridge last summer and will be here 5 weeks this round. He is 18 and a real nice kid!

Then it was bed time.

Then it was time to get up. 5:45…I got up got dressed and was given my van number. There are about 70 people here so were are put in groups for exercising and hiking. I am in the green group. Kermit sang it best, “It’s not easy being green!” Van number one drove us through a neighborhood I wish I could live in, and stopped in front of a trail. We hiked for over 2 hours; it was beautiful and I felt blessed to be in such an amazing place to start my day. I took pictures, and will post them when I get my port thingy!

We crossed paths with hikers, young and old, mountain bikers, joggers and their dogs and horseback riders.

Breakfast is served after the hike (but we are encouraged to eat a piece of fruit before we go)and today it was a frittata. I loved it! Lots of broccoli, guacamole, yummy egg and tofu base…oh, and it was BIG! Everything I ate today was BIG!I am NOT hungry at all…in fact I stayed full from lunch to now…bedtime. The classes were tough; stretch class was hard for me because the last time I stretched was in the sixth grade. I so wanted to be able to do the splits! Next was mountain class. In this class you pick a cardio machine, and every three minutes you go up three on levels, a dozen times. It pushed me to my limits. I felt like I was going to throw-up just like they do on TV! Is that cool or what?! (By the way a question mark and exclamation mark used together is called and interobang?!) I pushed hard and got a bit emotional- I am so competitive with myself, and the lady next to me…

After mountain was lunch: a big big bowl of turkey chili and some corn bread, followed by a lecture on the math of weight loss and three classes one right after the other: swim, circuit training and step class.

Personally I am proud I made it through the , but I am wondering how I will feel in the morning! I was put with the advanced hiking group. I sure hope that just means we go faster and not rock climbing!

Dinner was chicken and purple potatoes with grilled pineapple for dessert. There is an open salad bar with the most yummy salad dressing I have ever eaten but you have to ask for it. It is hidden behind the kitchen door. What are they afraid of…someone drinking it?

My roommate showed up this morning; I am only concerned about my TV time. I am hooked on the Housewives…she said it was okay with her if I watch…I just wonder if I can stay awake that late! I have a hike in the morning!!


One thought on “Day One

  1. I LOVE TURKEY CHILI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t do cornbread, AN DDON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So proud of ya! Tell Charlie to hurry with the PORT THINGYYY! 😉

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