Fitness Ridge- Traveling toward Health (AND Without being able to use my Camera!)

What a catchy title-  “Traveling toward Health“!  I have to buy into my own creativity! But today was all about GETTING HERE! Then again, the last six months were all about getting here. First the decision, then paying for it, shopping for resort swag and finally packing. I left this morning from my home at 4:15 am. I promised myself I would pack light, but I ended up packing two bags. My toiletries alone weigh 45 pounds! Being away from home for a month translated into packing my bathroom. I still forgot one item- my 100XX mirror that I look into to pluck my eyebrows. Maybe that is a good thing- I can go cave woman for a month and ge them done by a professional.

Last night my family gathered for dinner. We ate and laughed and played with Owen. I orded a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and macaroni and cheese. I ate half of the steak, none of the potatoes, a couple of bites of macaroni and still, at four o’clock Texas Time still feel sick. What was I thinking? Last supper? I NEVER eat chicken fried anything…I am such a rebel.

The plane ride was great because I fell asleep. The shuttle to The Ridge took two and a half hours- and that was longer in perception than the plane ride. The van was full of nice people, including two twenty-something girls who were on their way to a cattle ride- like City Slickers. I sat in the front seat, because I get car sick pretty easy. I felt totally relaxed. Checking in was easy- I came to my room and unpacked, and unpacked and unpacked. My half of the room (yeas I am sharing and I have not met my roomie yet) is squared away. (That is Army for ready, done or both.)

I “tested in” and found I am in the normal range for my BMI and all that other stuff. I will get the numbers later and post the before numbers and after numbers in 30 days. I weighed in. That, too I will reveal in 30 days. But what I WANTED to do was put some pictures up of this amazing place. I walked all over the resort and took a lot of pictures, but forgot to pack the port thingy; my computer is also not picking up the disc on the memory card. Heavy sigh. I otok a great picture of the front desk, the Biggest Loser vans, the red mountains, one of the spa rooms, the menu for dinner, and the front of the resort.

Chas will Fed-Ex the port thingy and I will get to posting pictures…I am sooo bummed, but looking forward to dinner! I am hungry- the two coffees (hey, the resort is caffeine free and that is sort of freaking me out, so today I went crazy…told you I was a rebel!) and scone are long gone. After dinner, those of us who have newly arrived will be briefed on what to expect while we are here- and it starts very early tomorrow morning with a hike in the beautiful red mountains outside of my window.

I was told hello twice by other guests- for some reason, I feel a little shy right now…and anyone who knows me may not believe I have any capability to be shy…at all… but I am the new girl. I see others laughing and talking at the pool- next Sunday I will be right there with them!

Tomorrow is another day!


3 thoughts on “Fitness Ridge- Traveling toward Health (AND Without being able to use my Camera!)

  1. Unleash the inner KERLEY and be the life of the party that you are mama! Can’t wait for pics and updates, go get ’em! 😉

  2. I am so jealous! Can’t wait to hear all about the new, caffiene-free Kim!!! I agree with Jay, get out there and show the world, the great Kim we all know and love! Someone there is needing a little bit of “Kim-wisdom”.

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