I Will Take a Venti Non-Fat Latte

I wish I could order my life like I do my coffee at Starbucks. I drink a non-fat venti latte with four Splendas. (Insert gasp here about the four Splendas, but please no comments.  I tried stevia and uh….no…) In the summer I drink a non-fat venti latte with four Splendas on ice.

I was behind a woman the other day in Starbucks who ordered a drink that sounded more like she was reciting an entire menu- and she must have been a regular because the barista got it right. “I will take a grande soy mocha cappuccino, half de-caf, half syrup, no whip, one sugar half a pump of something..” It went on and on. I should have ordered dates that way: “Yes, I would like a tall dark handsome health conscious extra hot college graduate who makes seven figures and will adore the ground I walk on with no fake additives.” He then arrives with my name scrawled on his face- sprinkle with a little nutmeg and we’re off!

How about life in general, “I will take an extra long venti grande lifetime with extra laughter, comfort and contentment swirled with family love, health and colorful friendships with whipped cream. And a cherry on top.

I leave tonight ( or rather very early Sunday morning) for Fitness Ridge. I would like to place my order for my experience: I would like a total weight loss of twenty pounds, a grip on why I over-eat and how to handle it, some emerging muscles, less cellulite, several pants sizes smaller, lots of epiphanies, satories and/or ah-ha moments, new friendships, new food ideas, blog to book ideas, and hopefully a few interviews lined up for when I get home. I have been looking for a school counselor position in San Antonio, and it has been going okay- but interview time is paralleled with Ridge time. In fact, I finally received a call for and interview and went into panicky please still consider me mode because I made the reservations for the Ridge seven months ago and now there is a nine month waiting list and can I be scheduled for an interview when I get back….PLEASE!! 

When I was sitting in my livingroom pondering when I should go Fitness ridge, I did not ponder the time frame long enough, or logically enough. I should have waited until the end of June to start so I could be more of a contender in the school counseling market. It has been tough. I have been planting seeds since February.

To quote a couple I know, and one of their many signs which adorn their home: “It is what it is.”

Today I will finish my packing, say goodbye to Owen (and his parents and aunt), and go through with this adventure I have always wanted to experience.

Packing is going well. I had prinited Cat Cee Chez’s list and then made a mental one because I am not a list person, though I really admire list people. When I get a list in my hand it consumes me- and takes on this life, this energy that insists on keeping my attention until every last item is crossed through thickly as though I am killing it with my sharpie.

I have packed:

Running shoes, hiking shoes (low-cut) shower shoes and sandals. Socks, white, black, anti-blister and my favorites for running. Undies galore. Two sets of Pj’s. I love pajamas. Work out shorts and tights (I bought Danskin work-out tights for 7 bucks at Wal~Mart) two to my knees and two past them. I also spent very little on packages of  Hanes sports bras, but I am not a buxom woman so I could go less expensive on these. Sigh.  Work-out tops and t-shirts. I probably packed too many and will revisit the amount this morning. I packed two sets of casual clothes.

Camelbak, cleaning tablets for camelbak, swimming goggles, pool shoes, knee braces. Two one-piece swimsuits and one two-piece for my goal.

Band-aides, Benadryl (I get heat rashes!) Neosporin, and my hormones. I am on year one of hormone therapy, and believe me when I tell you that sleeping again rocks!

I packed my shower stuff and all the soaps and creams that keep me feeling beautiful. Make-up or as I call it, Me-in-a-Box.

Computer, camera, i-pod, surge protector, phone charger.

I have been reading that it is good to have moleskin- I may go grab some today. I also packed some Crystal Light packets (Orange flavor) for my water.

Oh- and ear plugs. I sleep with Fred Flintstone and may room with his sister. You never know.

There is my list and my order. I am off. I will be writing more about this experience in a daily blog. I will share my struggles and my triumphs, my befores and my afters and what happens in-between.


2 thoughts on “I Will Take a Venti Non-Fat Latte

  1. You are so funny! I enjoy reading your blog! I found it last night and have to say I found myself reading the whole thing! I hope you get a venti latte schedule at FR. I will be there July4th-Aug 1 so I think we will just miss each other, darn!

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