Getting Ready to Get Ready

Over the past six months I have been working on my ‘what to pack’ list. 30 days away from my own bathroom, bedroom, closet and car. I relied on blogs, particularly one from Cat Cee Chez who wrote one during her 30 day experience at the Ridge. She posted her packing list, I printed it! I read discussion threads on the Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge’s Facebook page. I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I need to pack even though packing, for me, has NEVER been easy.

This is my closet for the month. We have bonded already. She spins and has a pink interior.

The first decision I needed to make is how big of a suitcase do I need? I do have a suitcase, but she is way too old and way too big. I have had her for over ten years, and she has been to Hawaii twice, San Fransisco twice, Pennsylvania and went on tour with me in the Asian Pacific. It was always laborious. And it never failed that my traveling cohorts would bring a case less than half the size of mine and look and smell just fine! What do I do?

I over pack.

When I get home after a trip, there usually are several outfits that were not touched and clean enough to go from suitcase back to closet. The longest trip I have ever taken was two weeks- I am doubling my record, but want to cut my packing in half. Ambition is my middle name!

For the Ridge Curious, there is a morning hike through some beautiful mountainous trails. Red dirt calls for black socks, and the terrain calls for low cut hiking shoes. I know because, remember, I have read it from those who have been there. The alumni insist that once the hike is over, change into a good running shoe, and anti-blister socks. The mantra for so many is “you can’t have too many socks!”

My list for clothing consists of socks- black, white, anti-blister. I have been collecting them for months. Socks will be my friend, I have read over and over. So on my suitcase, I have a party of socks. We are already very close. I have workout clothes, sports bras, lots of undies and I will pack two casual sets of clothes for the weekly trip I will take to Target. As one who will be at the Ridge for a month, I get to ride to Target for FREE! Some people will have rented cars, or will not be staying at the Ridge and may travel in their own car.

My problem is packing my bathroom. I think most of my weight will come from hair and face products. I turn 50 July 8th and will celebrate that day at the Ridge. I plan on wearing a casual set of clothes to dinner that night and maybe use some mascara. See how packing quickly gets out of control! No longer do luggage companies make those hard sort of square cosmetic cases. I would have to go to Ebay to buy an overpriced used ‘antique’ cosmetic case I could have bought before 9-11. Damn Peace-Haters ruined my packing swagger.

I will pack my blow dryer, because I read that the ones at the Ridge are weak. We women do not fancy a weak blow dryer. How did my mother find the patience to sit under her dryer with a hat attached for over an hour with her pin curl do…I do not know. I want my hair dry in minutes. Thanks Ridge bloggers for this tip! I will need creams, soaps, razors, tweezers (My hair follicles are Italian) shampoo, etc.

Bring a hat! Buy a Camelbak! Don’t worry about a beach towel!

But, I do need to bring my computer. I write and I am looking for a new job in another city- and I just saw Up in the Air, with George Clooney who would love me if he ever met me, and I paid attention to the scene where he showed the rookie how to get through the security lines more efficiently. My carry-on computer bag has wheels and extra compartments. It will be my only carry-on. My purse is going in the suitcase, sans wallet. Because of my pacemaker, I cannot go through the metal detectors. They are like kryptonite. I have to be patted down. I like looking back at those who look at me during my pat-down process…I like to feel like others may be thinking I am taking one for the team. The chosen pat down. Have you ever noticed that air port security loves to pull out grandma’s and grandpa’s to pat down? How do I ge the word out to Grandma that the cosmetic case should be left at home?

I feel kind of sure of myself right now. I hate using the word ‘cocky‘ because it is phallic. What would be the female equivalent? In an effort to keep this blog rated ‘PG13’ I will say I feel 34 Double D about my packing!

Bandages, hydrocortisne, Tylenol are all ready to jump in…I love to read, so maybe I will pack a book or two.

I am a Ridge Rookie and here I come! For those of you who are reading this post and have experienced the Ridge, please feel free to add some information on what to pack. I will post the weight of my case when the time comes- I have a secret goal in mind of 35 pounds. Oops….no longer a secret. Tomorrow I will discuss travel arrangements, and what I am doing with my dog and spousal equivalent. (Basically all I ask is the house be clean when I come home…is that too much to ask??) Oh, and how hard it will be not to see my Grandson for a month! OUCH!!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Get Ready

  1. Kim, I am about to leave for the Ridge for a 3-week stay. I am really curious how your packing worked out for you? I was thinking of taking 7 sets of morning clothes (base layer and sweatpants for the bottom half and a base tank with long sleeve shirt and fleece for the top half) for the hikes; I plan on taking 7 sets of afternoon clothes as well (wicking dri-fit tshirt and shorts/capris) for the classes. I was wondering if that was enough. I will definitely take extra socks, undies, and sports bras too. How did taking just two casual outfits work out? I was concerned about what to wear after dinner… I hope you still get comments on these old posts and would love your feedback!!

    • I found I had packed too much. The laundry mat is accessible, and I did my laundry on Wednesdays and Sundays. I could have packed half of what I actually did!! As for dinner, most people were still in the last work-out outfit, or showered and wearing the Fitness Ridge robes! Super casaul, and fleece wold be perfect! THe two casual oufits I took worked out just fine. Good luck with your stay. I love it there. I learned so much!

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