Countdown to The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge

For the next month I will be blogging about the decision I made in January to spend 30 days at Fitness Ridge- a “compassionate boot camp” which recently became partners with The Biggest Loser. I L O V E the Biggest Loser show, and I had a conversation on a Tuesday morning in January with one of my Vice-Principals that if I could pay to go to work out like those on the show- I would. That night on the premier there was a commercial for the resort…I called and booked my reservation. It was, I believe, meant to be!

I became super-excited: Sort of like the way I feel when I buy a new car, or get a new job, or find a new soul mate, I call my friends and share.

Maybe I should have kept my trap shut. The most frequent response, okay THE response I received was, “How much money are you spending on THAT?” Next came the big question, “WHY?”

I quickly found that if I shared my excitement about the resort I immediately had to defend myself. Yes, I am a low-paid teacher. I KNOW I am NOT 100 pounds overweight (though, whenever I go shopping I love to tell the sales clerk I recently lost 100 pounds so they exclaim how great I look….ahh…perspectives are like Toads Wild Ride, fun, fast and exciting. The ride is over abruptly when I say…not really, I just gained 20 pounds and I needed to hear it was okay to buy a gold satin shirt that showed my décolletage.)

After being questioned on how much it cost, and why I feel I need to go, the most common retort I heard was: I would rather spend the money on liposuction, or a face-lift.

I promise, I heard this well over a dozen times.

So, why didn’t I just shut-up and keep my decision to work-out for a month to myself?

As someone who actually has a degree in counseling, I will admit my behavior is very child-like. Whenever I saw someone who even showed a bit of interest in fitness and nutrition, inside I was jumping up and down, clapping my hands and just bursting to share the adventure I booked for my 50th birthday. I have been so damned happy about it, excited and a bit scared…this is going to be hard work.

While blogging this next month I hope to be informative, but I AM a stand-up comic, so I hope to entertain my readers as well.

For the last time I will answer those questions that have been important to those I chose to share the resort decision: Money, why spend that much and since I am a teacher, how the heck did I come up with that kind of cash? And, why: I don’t have 100 pounds to lose, in fact I may have about 15.

I wanted to go. I chose to funnel my money into the decision. No credit cards were used. (So there!) I have a pace-maker. It sucks, and with my next 30 years I hope to be able to do all of the things I want to do with a healthy, happy body. A trip to the emergency room is more expensive than my quest for health. (So there.)

I wanted to go. The biggest problem in women after the age of 40 is muscle loss, and bone density problems. Guess what- a month here and I can turn a lot of that around. I get to hike every morning up the moutains, refelect and write. How dumb of me to want THAT!!

A part of the Ridge experience includes a lecture series, cooking classes and counseling for a smoother ranch to ranch home transition.

Right now the Ranch/Ridge has a nine month waiting period. A lot of people want to do what I am doing. I feel blessed to have made the decision when I did…this is one of my dreams- or, in other words it is on my bucket list. Next summer we are planning a hiking trip through Italy. Now, how much is that going to cost? And wouldn’t it be better to just look at pictures on the net?

For those of you who want to follow this blog because MAYBE you are Ridge Curious and do not want to come out of the closet, I hope to guide you through the experience. This week I will be packing and preparing.

Next blog will be all about the information I have gleaned on what to pack and what to expect.

Picture me jumping up and down and clapping.


6 thoughts on “Countdown to The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge

  1. Your blog is excellent! Love a good sense of humor! I am right there with you, headed to the ridge for 2 wks in Aug, for all the same reasons. Just turned 48 and my muffin top is now muffin flop! Look forward to future blogs!

  2. Having been one of the people that asked both question, I apologize. This article makes so much sense. You are a smart, funny and talented woman…. Soon to be a much healthier woman. You go girl!!! I will follow your blog. Good for you for making an INVESTMENT in yourself!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I too am jumping up and down and clapping for you!!
    Blessings to you

  3. I have had the exact same responses you have, and finally just had to keep my mouth shut because they were stealing my thunder. I wanted people to have as much excitement as I did. Booked my trip in 11/09 for a week at the resort in 11/10. Look forward to following your blog. Good luck!

  4. Wow! Not sure if I don’t want to come out of the closet or just don’t want to spend the money. I’ll just follow your blog & hope to learn from that. You’ve always taken care of yourself & I know this is important to you… will be money well spent because you will make every single bit of experience work for you going forward.

    I am very excited for you for having the “courage” to do this and for following your dream! You’ve always been one to talk about what you want and then go do it. Good for you! Of course, since you’ve told everyone, you have to make this a positive experience! LOL! You love challenges!

    I’m already clapping and you haven’t even left! Have fun!

    Love you!

  5. Wow…. I am not a follower and do not have interest in the ranch workout..but I think what you are doing is awesome! carpe diem! Live your life like you want.. what an inspiration! Cant wait for next blog…

  6. I for one think it’s great you are spending YOUR money on YOU. What’s more important than your health? That’s right…Nothing. Without it, your just a shell. Go for it…enjoy it and embrace it.


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