Joy Behar: You and Me

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CBS News Sunday Morning

CBS News Sunday Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday mornings are sweet reminders that life is good.  Loitering  on Sunday mornings is one of my favorite pastimes. I linger the time away in the room or rooms of my home that invite me. Never in my almost 50 years of life have I watched TV on Sunday mornings. Other than my childhood attempt to watch and enjoy Bullwinkle, the TV has been off, until I had a conversation with Charlie’s sister, Lena, who told me, “The best news show with interesting and GOOD news is on Sundays called CBS Sunday Morning.” This bit of information came from a stream of conscious conversation that had gone from salt lamps to recycling and ending up with television. CBS Sunday Morning has been on the air since 1979; thanks to Lena I found it in 2009.

I find I cry  “human connectedness” tears when I watch a good human-interest story. During a piece on Bob Segar, I cried like a baby. He is so happy! He has a nice family and is still rocking. After a story like that, I take my dreams out, blow the dust off of them and set them right back in the forefront of my mind. It can happen and CBS Sunday Morning has been on for 31 years because dreams coming true is one of the laws of nature.

This morning Joy Behar was in the Dreams Come True spotlight. I briefly, very briefly, met Joy on her show, The View. I had the opportunity to perform 90 seconds of stand-up comedy. I sang a song about menopause; this was BEFORE Menopause the Musical. The song, Estrogen, is sung to the tune of Yesterday by The Beatles. It lasted 30 seconds. The next minute I riffed about love, kids and divorce. Talk about a jam-packed 90 seconds! I was in the Funny Housewife contest and lost that day to a very young, leggy, blonde New York comic. I was surprised because I could have sworn that laugh-o-meter would point my way. The ladies in the audience LOVED the song. I heard the response, but I lost just the same. Joy walked up to the stage and said, “Comedy is a lot harder than you thought, huh?” I wanted to tell her, I had been performing for many years and have a conversation, but we had to go to commercial, and I had to catch a plane back to Texas.

Bye Joy! Thanks for the 90 seconds.

I knew Joy was Italian, and had been an English teacher. Me, too. I didn’t know she divorced her husband after 16 years of marriage. Me, too. I also didn’t know she had always made her family laugh, and at 40 decided to give comedy a try. I was 36, but a very close me, too. It seemed that everything she said I related to on EVERY level. She has a daughter, I have two, and they both spent their teen years attending free comedy shows with their mother.

I was also in a comedy troupe called LaffStock. We performed a skit one year about The View. I was Barbara Walters. I look back; the casting was all wrong!

I cried this morning with mixed tears. Again so happy that this woman was able to follow her dream and find amazing success. And secondly, I wonder if my dream is getting too old. I quit gigging pretty much after I had a pacemaker installed to keep me running properly. Having insurance became a priority, stand-up comics do not have a good insurance plan other than “don’t get sick.”

I don’t feel that my dream has been lived already by another woman, I just feel like I keep missing the train to my destination. My bags are packed, I am ready to get on board. I know that I could still hit, with something, somehow. I pray everyday for that something, somehow to show up. I believe it will, because the formula works. If it didn’t, CBS Sunday Morning wouldn’t have been able to find 30 years of proof that it did.

Joy said she makes a living having conversations.

Me, too, someday, somehow.

In case you missed The View:


My ovaries make it only now and then

Look, I am getting grandma’s bearded double chin

Oh, I believe in Estrogen!

Suddenly, I am twice the girl I used to be

I don’t want a hysterectomy, or hormone replacement therapy

Why do I sweat in my sleep, have weird dreams I couldn’t say

I say a lot of things wrong

Now I long, for Estrogen……


My ovaries make it only now and then

I am getting a hot flash again

Oh I believe in estrogen

hm  hm  hm  hm  hm  hm hm hm hm hm hm hm


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