The Magic of the Morning

Have you ever woke up to a feeling of complete and utter bliss: where you felt those few seconds of total connectedness with God; and everything for those precious moments gave you the sense that life is perfect and everything will be okay? Maybe it is Zen; a glimpse of heaven without the nearly dying part. All I know is that I feel so peaceful, so at ease when that happens I don’t feel any stress at all for at least the next five minutes! Before forging ahead into some thoughts as to why the mornings bring a more centered self- I have often wondered why the alarm goes off when I have just snuggled as deep as I could go into the mattress; the alarm pulling me out of the loving hug of the bed into the awake awareness of the arriving day.

I was given the advice, more than a few times that everything will be better in the morning. Whatever is bugging me, whatever it is that is attacking my mind and holding it hostage will be gone in the morning. And- that is true. Mornings bring a fresh start, a new day to make things happen or screw things up. An unpainted canvas, an immediate future, endless possibilities. Mornings have  a way of straightening the distorted feelings of the night. With the dawn comes the light! There have been nights when I have ruminated over a problem to the point of panicky insomnia. It is so weird how even an hour of sleep will iron out a huge issue. There have been times, however, when the morning did not soothe my soul. Once, no wait, twice when I was fired from KZEP, I would wake up and feel pretty good, then BAM! “Hey Kim! You don’t have a job! How are you going to pay for … I don’t know…everything?” Lucky for me I am a very resilient sleeper.

Studies have shown that people who work nights just aren’t as healthy, and loose some of their life span. When I worked nights; from the time I arrived at work until I left, all I could think of was going to sleep. One third of our lives are spent sleeping. One-third may not be enough! Most teenagers need at least 10 hours of sleep a night. They are going through a second growth spurt: their bodies are changing as fast as when they were babies- so they need to nap…a lot. Most of the teens I know stay awake way too late, wake up way too early and push through their days an irritable mess. I have implored my students to PLEASE get some sleep. They just laugh, and ignore the silly teacher. It has also been proven that our teens would learn a whole lot more if they slept a whole lot more, started school around 10 am, and had their core classes in the morning and electives after that. Most learning occurs between September and March. After March, they are too giddy with giddiness to learn.

I propose a new school schedule. Start in September and end the end of March. Hit hard core subjects from 10 am to 2 or 3, let them play for a few hours then feed them and send them to bed. I kills me that we have a school system based on the assembly line and  an agrarian calendar. How many kids are farming these days? From what I know of farming- not too many. Also, the Europeans have it right. We Americans need to close up our shops by 6, schedule a siesta every day and chill out a bit. Naps before commerce!

But, most of all, I want more than a few seconds of Zen. More than those few fleeting nano-seconds of peace and harmony with everything…absolutely everything.

Except getting out of bed! But, you know….everything is better in the morning!


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