I have heard the grumblings of the masses- Valentine’s Day was created by candy and card companies so they can make a buck and force lovers into uneasy proclamations. Yep, it is time to send that card, the chocolate, the diamond or something wrapped in red, even if it is an appendage, to show your love. I just ask this: is it wrong to look forward to Valentine’s Day? Maybe it is the one day a year that some couples make any gesture, boundaried or not, to say they love the one their with. Out in the big cities across this nation, young lovers and old will fight for parking spaces at the hot-spot restaurants, and splurge on champagne and dessert, some getting lucky with the party continuing at home.

Why complain? What is up with that?

Personally I L O V E Valentine’s Day! Even when I not a part of a couple, it is so nice to watch others show their love. It is sort of contagious! Why feel sorry for oneself if single on that day- get out and spectate (without being creepy) and bask in that loving energy? Lucky for me I have two daughters and I get to send some love their way.

I was taught in elementary school that EVERYONE gets a card! I remember sitting for what felt like hours at my dining room table with my box of cards and working diligently to give just the right card to each person in my class. We had made boxes earlier, and they were waiting to be filled with cards-  opened at the party that day complete with red cupcakes and red punch. The 1960’s rocked! Yep- I studied my Flintstones cards and gave the ones that said “Be My Valentine” to the deserving kids..the ambiguous ones, the “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “Love Rocks” to the kids I really didn’t know. The “I love You” card…well, it went out when there was a special boy who had circled yes when I asked him if he loved me in a note given to him by my best friend. In every box of cards there was a teacher card- it was so cool to give a card to the teacher every year; you know I think they enjoyed reading those messy signatures as much as we enjoyed writing them!

I like getting recognition on V-Day from my significant other- I will not lie. If he decided it was not his thing to bow to societal pressure just because it is February 14th, he isn’t the boy for me!! The same guy who begrudges V-Day will do the same with birthday’s, anniversaries…Christmas- a real whirlpool of nothing. Boring in my opinion.

I do not insist on receiving jewels, though if it was affordable and would not take away from the grocery money- jewels would be cool! I do not insist on chocolate. One year Charlie went to the mall and splurged on a big box of Godiva chocolates. I am a sweet-aholic and ended up consuming almost half of the box in a 24 hour period. That means I ate half of every chocolate he picked for the box. Each one was different, and he personally pointed to them to be placed in the pillowed heart-shaped box. Funny- I became pillow-like within a few days after receiving the gift!  I would rather not get a box of chocolates- UNLESS it is a repeat of that year. I kept the Godiva box in hopes of a refill…someday maybe. Charlie told me there was a discount if you brought in the box- I have it! It is ready!

What I really like doing for V-Day is to change up our routine and get away if we can and just enjoy each other the way we did when we first met. I like landing in a place where the only thing we  need to fill our time with is each other. The magic of the early days..can we ever really feel that way again without splitting up and finding someone new who makes us not want to eat and lose 10 pounds just because we are so damned happy? Nah- what we end up with if we are lucky is a mature love, a sustainable relationship where we continue to make the correct moral choices to edify the relationship.

I say the correct moral decision on Valentine’s Day is some sort of special recognition to your lover that they indeed still are the one that deserves the special card from the box!

“Be My Valentine!”


2 thoughts on “Valen-Time

  1. Good ole Feb 14th. The old days of making the box and filling out cards for the early years in grade school. I have not thought of that in years and I mean years. I am happily in love for nearly 29 years. And with the exception of the first few years. The day seems to escapes us. Just this past Val day. Judy dropped me off at the airport for a visit to see my mom. Neither of us remember the day nor thought about for hours until I was high in sky. Then I laughed. Landed in Nashville and forgot. That’s just the way it is for us. Our hearts are full of love for each other and every morning I get a strong hug and told how much I am loved. I want for nothing more.

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