Why Don’t We Have Wings

Personally, I do not have the fortitude to argue evolution versus creationism, Christians get crazy over this one. I have heard that God made the earth look older, and carbon dating is muck-a-muck. On the other side, I have heard that we evolved from single organisms from the muck-a-muck bottom of the sea.

I don’t care- I am neither scientist, nor theologist. I only have one question though…if every living thing evolved from sea slim..why didn’t homo sapiens hold onto wings- at one point there was a break off from the birds- what was the logic in not keeping the ability to fly? Now, most of us only do it in our dreams; about a half-dozen of us put on special suits and fly from mountain tops, but really, they are just dropping. If we want to fly we pay- a lot. And it is a hassle these days…thanks extremist haters. I am grateful for a birds eye view from the airplane- it is beautiful and I am always amazed at how an airplane full of people and loads of stuff defies gravity long enough to get me to my destination almost on time every time.

But, I am jealous of the birds. They evolved with wings in tact. What if we human had kept wings, if you believe Darwin’s theory to be correct, or what if God gave us wings? First I think the environment would be in better shape because there would never have been a need for transit of any kind- no planes, trains or automobiles! Teenagers wouldn’t be bugging parents for the car keys- but I guess parents would have different issues with their young flying with the wrong crowd. Maybe if parents had a son with pants on the ground, they would clip his wings until he flew straight!

From birth the world would be at our feet- or within reach with our wings.

Our buildings would have no need for escalators and elevators. We would not need any button with the word ‘UP’ on it. Superman would still be Superman, and the amazing thing about him is that he could fly WITHOUT wings…wow! Clothing- I think of  models; would or runway models get so skinny their wings would molt? Don’t let Kate Moss sit on your couch- it takes a month to get all those feathers off the couch! We women (and yes that includes Adam Lambert) would color our wings- and red would actually be red and not fade after a few washes!

There would be no cages for any bird- we would all be good whistlers. But the main thing is that we could soar to greater heights- literally. I am just wondering if a ‘birdseye’ view would help our world view. Maybe if we shared the same sky, we wouldn’t fight so much over land. No matter how poor a child was, they could fly high enough to see the beauty of the earth only some get to see and buy- and feel free enough to dream like they should.

What if we had wings? Most of us do- in our dreams… in our souls, reaching up and outward to the unknown- to know. We imagine wings on the backs of angels- angels who look like us only with holy attributes. Angels don’t have to worry about getting enough exercise or fly-by shootings… Would we ruin it if we were able to fly?


5 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Have Wings

  1. This is beautiful, Kim! I want you to know that I have read every one of your posts, I just don’t always take the initiative to comment–I know, I suck. I am so in awe of the body of work that you are amassing here–what a beautiful thing! You should be so proud of yourself for this accomplishment! You continue to inspire me!

  2. As amazing as it would be to fly without the use of machines, I think I’d rather not fly. That just sounds too easy. It takes the challenge away from travel. I’m a firm believer that the harder something was to achieve, the more worthwhile it is. While flight would have an initial wow factor, I think it would wear off quickly and it would just be another part of our daily lives. People would fly from point-A to point-B without ever seeing what’s in between. You’d miss out on the experience of a road trip. You wouldn’t see the same sites (or, if you did, you wouldn’t see them the same way). You wouldn’t have the same experiences.

    A lack of self-propelled flight requires humans to think more than we would if we had it. We wouldn’t have made the progress we’ve made if we could fly on our own. Some might like to debate whether or not we’ve actually made progress. We’re not living in caves, afraid of our shadows, so I like to believe we’ve made some kind of progress and a lot of that comes from the technological discoveries we’ve made. A lot of those technological discoveries come from having to walk. There is technology that’s possible today that we only dreamed about yesterday because we can’t get from place to place like other creatures do. We’re not as fast as the cheetah, we’re earthbound unlike the bird and we can’t sustain ourselves endlessly underwater like a fish.

    If it weren’t for humans being earthbound mammals then we might not have created breathing apparatuses or Life Flight (even if you could fly on your own, it’s probably no the safest and fastest way to transport someone in critical condition).

    There would surely be positives and negatives from humans being able to fly. I think we don’t fly because we’re a species that thinks. Maybe that was the cost. Give up flight in order to think.

    But if that was the cost, there are some people I’ve met who you’d think could fly.

  3. Baby Sister-
    I regard the wonderful world of technology (especially communication/information access) as “magic”…until technology fails or due to “operator error” I stop myself dead in my tracks. Then I yearn for manual typewriters and dial telephones…not really. I’m lamenting the fact that this is my fourth attempt to “Leave a Reply”. I hope that I will be able to complete my Comment before I, once again, hit the wrong key. (And I still haven’t figured out which “wrong key” I keep hitting). I do know one thing: the “Enter” button is one to avoid…This morning I have been catching up on your stories. (I like “stories” rather than “blog”…remember that I am an AARP member.) “Why Don’t We Have Wings?” took me back to my childhood…one of my first memories…of wanting to fly. Keep “telling your stories”. (They actually have a beginning, a middle and an end…you must be an English teacher.) Love, Joe. (And Happy Valentine’s Day!)

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