Skip It

I was feeling the burn- the only problem with that was that I wasn’t doing anything- just sitting… on my couch… in my house. Something in my leg was hurting, it felt like a muscle- maybe it was dying…twitching one last time. The last few years have not been kind. After running a couple of marathons and working out most of my life- I just quit. There has been no joy in the gym. Gone is that child-like desire to put on play clothes as fast as I can and get busy moving. I remember riding my bike for hours, playing softball for the next few hours and then racing just for fun, and skipping most everywhere I went.

If you follow a two-year old all day and do everything they do, chances are you will burn a lot more calories than if you spent an hour on the treadmill. If you call a kid, they run over… they may jump up and down after they reach you and then do a somersault just because. Wouldn’t it be cool if adults still had that type of joy of movement? Imagine executives running down their office halls and taking recess instead of a coffee break.

Now, to bike for ‘fun’ a person has to dress like an extra-terrestrial- and they are putting their life on the line by biking with the cars. I do, however love the bike shorts…I wish I had padding when I was eight! Work-out clothes can be expensive. I get most of my stuff at Academy. kids don’t stop what they are doing and change clothes to perform some sort of exercise. These days, kids have the coolest clothes that takes them from morning to night, video gaming to … wait, what do kids do for fun in the 21st Century? The horror- kids no longer have recess, no longer run outside and no longer skip everywhere. There is a national push for parents to get their kids outside to play- even the NFL is campagning to get the kids out to play. I can picture running on the treadmill next to a nine year old who is complaining about their gout.

I recently bought a jump rope and went outside to use it. Times have changed the jump rope experience. After a minute I was exhausted, and I longed for two people to hold the rope while I jumped jumped in and out- I wonder if any of my friends are up for some double dutch jump rope and hop scotch. We can feel the burn!


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