Be Careful What You Pray For!

praying-hands1If you pray for more patience, you just may get the opportunity to exercise and build up some patience muscle. You may have to work-out for the entire next day- or week, or year to gain some sweet serenity. There are few communion caveats; however, praying for patience is at the top of that list. I love the verse where we are implored to ask, seek and knock- it is all good. I have been asking, seeking and knocking since I was 21 and found out God had an open door policy.

 I have had principals who have had open-door policies, and I used it. It is not scary to knock on the boss’s door- for me anyway. My technique it to peek my head in the door and say, “Hi, do you have a minute?” Not once have I been turned away. My boss is not God, but I have had the pleasure of being fired twice by the same company. The hand that taketh away is mighty; so, like a good employee, and real believer I ask nice for audience before the King.

I have never been real comfortable praying out loud. Some people, I have noted, are religious ramblers; “Oh Father God, thank you Father God, I am so amazing Father God.” Can’t do it, I will not do it; because in my real life prayers I am not that person. If God has every hair on my head numbered, He definitely has got my ‘number’ as well. No need for theatrics, or searching for the perfect boxed words- I think I can pretty much just grunt and the message would be the same.

I have sent the money grunt out to God A LOT. I repeat the birds and flowers of the field verse. They are taken care of, with great digs- Mother Earth. I was trying to keep my piece of earth my house. I had no money to pay my house taxes, this was before I had escrow, and was worried. I sent the message, I think it was “HELP.” In the past I worked three jobs and didn’t have a day off for a year. I would wake up at 5 am and make tacos to sell to the teachers in the teacher’s lounge. I taught during the day, taught defensive driving at night, waited tables on Saturday nights at the comedy club AND sold Herbalife. I believe it was during that time in my life I stopped cooking. One day I was tired and feeling sorry for myself. I went to the cafeteria to get my lunch and I saw one of our custodians leaning on her broom. I asked her if she was okay. She looked at me with told me when she left the school, she had to clean two other places. She did this everyday. When I walked away from her I vowed to never complain again about being tired. I had the luxury of using my voice and mind for a living- my cohort in keeping Southwest the great school it was did not have that luxury.

I was blessed.

The hail was bigger than soft balls. Some people in Hondo swore they saw ice the size of bowling balls- striking out windows in every car in town. Homes were pummeled; mobile homes were dented beyond repair. Three tornados struck that day, maybe more. I do know that a line through my backyard was drawn. I lost a tree, and three others had branches torn right out from the middle of their trunks. I had roof damage, water damage- and a lot to clean up.

Once the roof was fixed and I did the rest of the damage control myself, I had exactly what I needed to pay my taxes.

I met Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney at a Halloween party a few years back. We hung out because I really liked their costumes and thought they were probably a fun group. I was dressed as the angry date that was suppose to be dancing but ended up at the gambling party; all I needed was a frown. Check! I learned they lost their homes in that storm. I apologized. “You see, ” I told them, “I needed to pay my taxes, so God sent the storm.” We all laughed, I don’t believe the storm was an answer to prayer, but that line drawn by straight line winds was!

I am not careful about what I ask for. I pray with reckless abandon. I have recently prayed to win the lottery, sell my house, and get my kitchen finished. Today I had a conversation about how I love to watch the Biggest Loser but am not big enough to ever be on the show. “All I need is one month with the trainers- one month, I would give anything,” I told her. “I would pay to be on The Biggest Loser!”

Tonight I saw that they have a resort. For five thousand dollars, I can have my month on the Biggest Loser Ranch.

I am going. I have asked, knocked and am seeking a way to pull the money together. God has heard me-

No telling how I am going to get the money- but I am sure there is a storm with my name on it!


2 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Pray For!

  1. LOL!!! That’s too funny Kim, I need to raise the money and go with you! I’m gonna start praying tonight! Maybe we’ll get a hurricane DOH!!! did I say that out loud?

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