Five Good Years

me and c-boyAfter I was fired from KZEP the second time I found work as an English teacher at my old high school, Southwest. It was October and I would not start teaching until after the Christmas holidays. Luckily I had enough money in the bank to carry me through- so what to do?

I dated. Not much- but enough to keep me busy drinking margaritas. It was a Seinfeld episode. Once I met a man who said he was an engineer for lunch. He had a severe southern accent. “You’re not from San Antonio are you?” I asked innocently enough. “Why, is that bad?” he retorted with a slight bit of aggression. For the entire lunch, I sat and said very little. Hard to imagine if you know me. The story he told was about a horrible ex-wife, who he just paid off the ninety thousand dollars of debt she created, who did not want to raise their only son; she was crazy and sick, oh- and so was her family. At the end of lunch we walked together to my car. He stopped a  guitar player who was setting up for an event, and he proceeded to play and sing a song. My last husband was a guitar player- and a damn good one. He had a voice I never tired of hearing (while he was singing). My ex was a talent- and this angry engineer did not impress me. “Let’s do this again! I had fun,” Mr. Engineer proclaimed. “Not on your life. You are an angry, hostile, hostile man!” I said truthfully, while locking my car door and placing my hand on the up button of my power windows.

“Am I that bad?” He asked. “Yes you are,” I said as I rolled up that window, put the car in reverse and backed away from a most unsettling lunch.

Next! A local school superintendent. We met a few times, and since I had lost my dream job (AGAIN!) I had taken to ordering a drink or two on these dates. Though I always offered to pay for my meal and drinks- I never had to. I am just too darned cute! The last meal we shared was at a Mexican restaraunt in downtown San Antonio. He was taking doctoral classes at UTSA. I sat across from him in a booth and just watched him. Another angry man. His wife had left him, too and his son was his sole responsibilty as well. When Mr. Education spoke about his ex-wife, he actually snarled. Over enchiladas I realized how negative he was- everything was half-empty and a bitch. Later on that evening he called me and asked why I was looking at him like I was. Did he remind me of someone? Yes. Someone I did not want to see again.

The lawyer was the nicest gut I had met during my daring dating days. He was six-foot five and rich. He lived in Alamo Heights, was raising his daughter alone because his wife had died. Of course I immediately tried to pick up on any psychosis, maybe he killed her…you never know. He was funny, quick-witted, smart. He had the biggest nose I had ever seen on a face. He reminded me of Mr. Potato Head- the nose was the same proportion. I drank more than two drinks that night trying to drink that nose a size or two smaller. It didn’t work- I tried closing one eye- didn’t work. He made me laugh, and the day after our date he sent me a big box of spaghetti because I claimed to be Italian, and like spaghetti. He must have known when I didn’t call, I didn’t like the nose.

I was contacted by a guy I had known from high school- he told me he had his PHD. When I asked more questions, he actually answered truthfully and said he bought the title, and then proceeded to say how easy it is to get your PHD online. The funny part about our conversation was when he told me he had run into Charlie Guzman. I, too, had recently met Charlie in Castroville at an antique store. The owner of Albro’s, Tot, was my favorite person in Castroville. She was always so much fun to talk to. She had told me there was a man she wanted me to meet- and to my big surprise, as well as hers, we knew of each other. “Kim, this is Charlie Guzman. Charlie this is Kim.” I threw in my last name, DAYOC- he remembered my family and claimed to have even remembered me. He looked at me and did a double take. I caught him doing it- my thought: was he was cute, but he mentioned a female’s name about six times during our conversation. As a single woman I learned that when a man mentions a woman, he is married- so I gave him my KZEP card and walked away. I lost that job the next week- Charlie tried to call me, but found I was fired, and then looked for a another way to contact me.

Guy from high school says, “You know what Charlie told me?  He said you were single and that we should go out because we are both fun people, we are a lot alike.”

“Charlie said this?” I asked knowing that no man talks to another man that way unless they are on TV and a woman wrote their lines.

“Oh yeah, he says we would be great together!”

I had asked Mr. High School if Charlie was married and he said that Charlie most certainly was married and he had noticed a ring on his finger.


While exercising for the next two weeks I received calls from Charlie. He had contacted me via Yahoo Personals- we exchanged numbers and began to spend a little time on the phone. The man was single, raising his only daughter, right around the corner from me! What is it with men raising their kids? I guess it is a new time!

Every time Charlie called he asked me to meet him – I was never near ready and would have to shower, dress and drive. Why wouldn’t this guy ask me out, I wondered.

He stopped calling. Week three, no phone calls from Chas. I had thought it was weird he just wouldn’t ask me out- so I thought it was no big loss. After that week I thought I would call and ask him- we enjoyed each other on the phone- why not give it a face to face chance?

He called on a Thursday. I asked him if he was interested in making a date, with a real time, and he could pick me up and we could spend some time together.

“Sure, how about Saturday? 7:30?”

At exactly 7:30, (the only time he has ever been on time) Charlie showed up at my door. He was the most starched date I had ever encountered- complete with wranglers and ostrich cowboy boots. A kicker.

We went to his brother’s baby shower (where no one would even speak to me. Seems they all knew and liked his last girlfriend better.) Afterward, we had a bite at the river walk. When we got to my house, we talked until four in the morning. It took Charlie 7 days to kiss me and then the rest is history. We have been together as of today, for five years. We are both pretty happy; we don’t fight and recently he buried “Mr. Meanjeans,” his short-tempered alter-ego with a snappy attitude. In all fairness, Mr. Meanjeans only surfaces when he hasn’t eaten.

I had wanted to make October 30th, at 7:30 a special moment, our anniversary- or the anniversary of the only time he has ever on time.


2 thoughts on “Five Good Years

  1. Wow! Yep it’s hard out there, that’s why I just stay home and focus on my little family, LOL.
    Very happy for you and Charlie though, your both very fortunate to have found each other.
    May your union be forever, and ever.

  2. Congrats, Kim … wish Charlie the same. Hope you had a great celebration! I do think you and Charlie are good for each other; he has many great qualities – of course, he IS my Brother … just runs in the genes, I guess (LOL)!

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