She Said What?

From the moment I received the phone call from KiKi Melendez asking me to be a part of the Hot Tamales show in San Antonio, the planning started. I had a chance to work a show that would be good for my stagnant career. I have been unable to pursue my comic career due to my health situation- I need insurance. I have a pre-existing condition that cannot be left uncovered. I have a pacemaker. Apparently my electrical system went kaput and I had to have this little machine implanted to keep my heart beating. I need to have the batteries checked every 6 months- wouldn’t be good to blow a fuse. Health insurance is expensive; teaching keeps the policy price down, along with my plan to be a star.

I know there must be an alternate route. There must be something better for me due to the God closes a door and opens a window thing that I totally believe. Was the show with KiKi and Eva Longoria-Parker a window? I was going to make certain that if the window was open, even if was only a crack, I was going to fit through it, and get inside. I began working on my comedy set, my outfit and my ass.

Showtime was 8:30 and the comics were arrive at 7 for interviews. I was in the house at 7. I had had too many recurring dreams about not making it to the big show due to various extrnuating circumstanses. It was important to me to be on time and ready. And I was. KiKi was getting her make-up done and all of us met in the green room. Eva showed up with her husband, Tony Parker and we talked a little. Very little. Eva Longoria-Parker is beautiful She looks like she is air-brushed. She is perfect. I hated standing next to her. I felt like Godzilla taking my picture with her.

Eva opened the show by welcoming everyone then KiKi Go on stage and started her set. She was dancing, and singing; getting the audience ready. The first comic has the hardest job: breaking the comedy ice.

“We can’t hear you!” Yelled a woman from the back of the theater. KiKi responed at first with humor, not as a producer- as a comic. “We can’t hear you at all!” We can’t either!” People were yealling from the theater honestly trying to get the word out; the sound system was not working. Sound guy moved his big, old speaker from behind he curtain to the front of the curtain. That was as technical as it got.

The next two comics went up and the crowd seemed to respond at the right times. KiKi was having a conversation with the ticket-man who was complaining that people were walking out. A lot of them.

I knew it was bad, but the window…just a crack was all I needed! Eva, who is partners with KiKi in producing  the Hot Tamales, and Tony were in the front. My family in the back. It was my turn to take the stage. My set went fine, even though Iwas so nervous I lost all the spit in my mouth, but I got the laughs.

It was over in 13 minutes. It felt like 3 minutes.

After the show I passed out cards for the blog and mingled. I found that no one could hear the comics. My friends and family told me they heard me the best. I did hold the microphone farther away from my mouth than usual and I didn’t raise my voice too much. As the week went on, I heard time after time that no one heard me really well.

I called KiKi and thanked her. She said the review was decent and Eva was glad about that.

I showed up. I am glad about that and waiting for the next open window.


3 thoughts on “She Said What?

  1. Awesome!… great job… how long have you been doing stand-up?

    I love that nervous feeling every time I get up… the first time you make the crowd laugh it turns into pure energy.



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