She’s a Brick House

brick houseAny good DJ knows if you want to get the ladies on the dance floor play Brick House. Women from 40 on up will stop talking to whomever they were talking to, stop drinking what they were drinking and quickly run to the dance floor, usually with hands in the air and screaming “whooooo!” The dance floor will fill up by the third ‘she’s a brick house’ with all women,all sizes, all manner of fake animal print, and in unity with the boogie beat. The men? They keep on talking to whomever they were talking to and drinking whatever they were drinking. Mostly, they look away. They aren’t invited to this party, this “I have had at least 2 kids and still look damn good while shaking my bottom soiree.” I have often wondered why the behavior is so THE SAME with women and Brick House. What about those hands being up in the air? Are they flashing the year they graduated from high school; “Here comes the class of seventy-seven!”

Women dance in groups. We like that. Men who dance in groups go to ‘special’ bars where the man dancing with man action is accepted without a single second glance.  Some straight men will, at times, dance over and try to be a part of the moment- but they end up being ignored. Girl time on the dance floor is similar to girl time in the restroom; it is a personal bonding ritual. We never discuss the time on the dance floor just like we never discuss the time in the restroom. We may say, “Hey, remember that time we went downtown and danced all night?” But we never add; “with each other?” Girl dancing, for women over 40, is just that- dancing. We aren’t looking to get horizontal, or to out move a newly arrived female to the group, it is just dancing: celebration of the moment. We forty-somethings know the power of cherishing the moment.

I have seen the new wave of young women dancers. They have some similarities to us- they dance in groups but tend to still be looking to some kind of group approval. One thing I really do not understand is the group girl simulating sex dancing. Too personal for the older models; and we have gotten to the point where we don’t give a damned how we look out there, just that we have fun. The 20-somethings can keep their dirty girl on girl dancing. I guess they need to do it because they do want to get horizontal- with someone, boy or girl.

I wonder how they see us. Do they laugh at the jungle of faux animal prints and larger than they have rear-ends? Do they wonder, “Will this be US someday?”

Yes it will. Count on it. You will some day have your Brick House; that song that pulls all of your cohorts from their seats onto the dance floor. You will, I hope, have lost the stupid group humping routine and just enjoy the music, the beat from YOUR younger days, and the other women who share the same fate of being born in a certain era.

With hands held high and a “whoooooo! Class of 2001 and 2002!!”

Wait..what do I hear???

She’s a brick, house. She’s mighty, mighty, letting it all hang out. Yeah, she’s a brick house.”


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