The House on May Street

066” I pass this house and I think of you, Kimmy. It looks affordable.”  The term affordable means fixer-upper. My sister had driven by the house on May street and she called me to tell me about it. The sign said; For Sale by Owner. I told her I would drive down and check it out.

We drove onto the paved driveway. Even though plants were growing right out of the drive, it was solid enough; let’s just call it affordable. We looked into the windows and tried the doors and the back door was open. Gail and I  looked at each room saying things like, “This isn’t too bad.”  “This can be fixed.” “Maybe the wall just looks like it curves., and it is an optical allusion that the ceiling is drooping in.” Then the best line, “Wow, nice wood floors!” The bathroom was pink and wallpapered with pink flowers; but it worked. I had looked at a few homes in the area and all of them were very high priced. Castroville, Texas thinks very highly of itself! An old 1200 square foot home which wasn’t special in any way was a steal for 150 thousand. Castroville is no California. They have water problems. Sometimes the sewer system backs up and the water turns bad with ecoli. It is the only place in America where a person can get shit-faced just by taking a shower.

We were in the kitchen when we saw the car drive up. It was the owner from the sign! We ran out he back and I immediately confessed that we were trespassing with intent to buy. “How much are you asking, and how much do you want down on the loan?” When I asked that I fooled myself- I believed I was a serious buyer! He told me the price and that he would finance with a down payment of 10 thousand dollars. I took his card, said thanks and that I would be getting back to him.

“If I had 10 thousand dollars I would buy that house. The land is beautiful and you are right across the way there!’ I told my sister. I didn’t have 10 thousand dollars. I didn’t entertain the idea of this affordable, fixer-upper.

I got home late that night and listened to my messages on the home answering machine. Our realtor had called and said that the land we had up for sale for the last 3 years had sold that day, for 10 thousand dollars. She wanted to know if I would accept the offer. I called and accepted the offer then called the owner from the sign. I then gave a nod and a thanks to God for showing off again. Perfect timing God, but I guess you know PERFECT!

The affordable fixer-upper on May Street was mine.

I lived in that little house for 13 years. It is the longest I have ever been in one place. I had the pink bathroom changed as much as I could- the tile is still pink, but most everything else is new and not. I had the ceiling fixed and the termites killed (I always have termites). The yard had been mowed a hundred times and that acre of land is just as beautiful as the first time I entertained the idea that I could live there. Sure, Castroville is Catastroville. A ten mile an hour wind caused our lights to go out on a very regular basis, and the Chamber of Commerce won’t let anyone build decent businesses- but it is home. At least I don’t have to climb the telephone pole to answer the phone….anymore.


5 thoughts on “The House on May Street

  1. I love this story …although if you can find a house in California for $150K let me know!Our fixer upper was purchased in 1987 for $250K and it had termites, lead pipes,knob and tube electrical, a collapsing sewer line ( made out of orange berg),dead fruit trees,rotting roof … not to mention the bricks that were painted pink!It was a steal!

  2. Very moving story–gave me chills! God is GOOD!
    And a nice one-liner to boot (is there some strange “smiley” symbol we could create that would indicate a rim-shot?–just a thought!) Great job, Kim!
    (Now, dare I publish this comment rife with sentence fragments? Could I have said this better? [back-space, back-space] . . . these are the things that keep me out of the blogosphere–neurotic fuck that I am!)
    God bless you, Kim! You inspire me!

  3. It’s like you still live there… You shouldn’t put the for sale sign back up… can you believe that plot of land in Kyle only sold for 10 grand?? I wonder what it would be worth now!

  4. Kim, this is another jaw breaker and gut jiggler. Your too funny. I so enjoy your colorful depictions of your life milestones. Every time i read a story I feel like I’m there.

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